Penile enlargement: the main ways<

We all know that the size of the male penis differs in various combination of length and width. Normal or average size of the male sexual organ is considered a penis with a length ranging from 14 to 16 cm In rare cases it may be 13, and, quite sometimes, 12 cm And only 3% of the male population have a member with dimensions of 12 cm.

penis enlargement.

There is also such a thing as a small penis, so-called penis men with length less than 2 cm a Small penis is the male sexual organ, featuring incredibly small size, with sexual life men is extremely difficult. This problem is faced only 2% of the male population.

If a man is not satisfied with the existing dimensions of your penis, then this dissatisfaction with appearance can cause uncommunicative, shy and often even depression. Besides, the man often considers himself to be inferior and shy to undress, because I am sure that his manhood is very small.

Convincing his inferiority to the man there can be no assurances from doctors that his penis is medium in size, and reasons for concern do not exist. Such a man will certainly look for ways to penis enlargement . And countless folk recipes: introduction subcutaneously of all things, creams and ointments, are the undeniable proof of this fact. Men are looking for methods of penis enlargement, because I think that the large size of your body affects:

  • Enhancing sensations during sex;
  • Increasing your attractiveness and self-esteem;
  • Confidence.

But in a practical sense to achieve these goals, it is necessary not just to find the right methods of penis enlargement, but also directly increase the level of ownership of their body.

Medical techniques to increase penis

Medicine has the techniques that will help to increase the male organ length. They can be divided into three types:

  • Surgical techniques;
  • Non-surgical methods;
  • Combined technologies.

The meaning of penis enlargement with surgical techniques is that increase the hanging Department of the male organ, reducing it is a hidden Department (perineal).The dimensions of the body remain unchanged, and only shifted itself, its length in the region of the cantilevered parts of the penis.

But such methods will increase the male organ only if a member of the men will be in a state of tranquility, to the length of the penis in erection, this technique will not be able to influence. The essence of non-surgical ways regarding penis enlargement is something that happens stretching of the body with the help of a special device. This technique will increase the length of the male organ on a permanent basis, as in a state of tranquility and state of erection.

As for the third type of medical procedures to increase penis men combined technology, the procedure takes place in two stages. First is the surgical surgery, and in the second stage used the method of stretching using the device. In this case, there is no known record of when a patient with a penis length of 4.5 cm in the calm after the operations became the owner of a manhood length to as much as 19 cm

Popular recipes for penis enhancement

Of course, there are the so-called folk methods of penis enlargement. First, it is self-massage. In the first stage of this procedure of self-massage you need to make a compress of wet warm fabric on the body to achieve the greatest degree of elasticity and to improve blood circulation and then make the steps to stretching your body in different directions, occasionally leaving it in the stretched position for a few minutes.

how to increase the member

There are times when "healers" recommend their patients to use extracts of different types of herbs for example, ginseng or even hawthorn. And there is a method of influence on the specific point that is allegedly responsible for an increase in the length and thickness of the penis. The essence of the procedure in the massage of these points.Of course, there are many ways and recipes for penis enlargement, but in practice it is proved that the only effective surgical intervention and the use of a special device – the extender, and different people's methods can often lead to disastrous results.