Ways and methods of increase penis

Paradoxically, the vast majority of men unhappy with the size of their genitals and are willing to go to great lengths to even slightly increase. And doctors are such men meet. Consider the actual ways and methods to enlarge the penis.

So, how to increase the penis size by 5 cm? And can it be done?

methods of penis enlargement

Methods of increasing penile

Today, there are the following methods of penis enlargement:

  • surgery;
  • the use of special tools (extenders, vacuum pumps);
  • exercises;
  • massage;
  • the use of drugs.

Consider these methods of penis enlargement in more detail.


Surgery to increase size of the penis, include:

  • ligamentum;
  • fat grafting;
  • transplantation of muscle tissue;
  • penile prosthesis;
  • injections of hyaluronic acid.

Ligamentum is a safe way to increase a member in length by dissection of the suspensory ligament and, accordingly, release the "backup" part of the penis. Immediately after the operation member is lengthened by 1-2 cm.

Fat grafting is a technique of penis enlargement, based on the introduction of adipose tissue into the subcutaneous tissue. Fat in this case is taken from other parts of the body, purified and injected into the penis using a special needle. This operation allows to make the body thicker by approximately 1 centimeter. The procedure is safe, however, require periodic repetition.

Transplantation of muscle tissue is a complex operation, consisting in removal of the muscle flap from the abdominal wall or in the axillary fascia and transplanting it to the penis. As a result of the specified operation amount of the penis is increased by 3-4 cm in diameter.

penile prosthesis – this method of penis enlargement by implantation of the cartilage tissue or the special elastic materials. The best option in this case is the implantation of the implant with an inflatable mechanism that allows the man to regulate the erection.

Penile enlargement hyaluronic acid is administered by injection gels and fillers based on this substance in subcutaneous tissue. To achieve a sustainable effect, this procedure requires periodic repetition. With the help of hyaluronic acid acidum can be made and increase the head of the penis.

Devices for penis enlargement

The main devices to produce non-surgical increase in reproductive organ are:

  • extenders;
  • pump.

The extender is a device that allows you to enlarge the penis by stretching the tissue. As a result of prolonged wearing of the extender and the growth of new cells, identical to the tissues of the body. And to increase in this case the member will be both in length and in diameter.

Pump (vacuum pump) is a device that allows to achieve a temporary increase reproductive organ both in length and in diameter. Sustainable results are only possible in case of a longer use of the device. The device is simple to use, however, it must be applied correctly. Otherwise there is the risk of serious injuries and complications.

methods and techniques for penis enlargement

Exercises and massages

Exercise and massages is a technique of penis enlargement, based on the performance of certain actions (geminum, strokes, clenches) in a certain sequence leading to a specific result.

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of techniques and methods that increase the member without surgery, the most popular ones are:

  • Taoist methods for increasing;
  • jelq;
  • Kegel exercises.

Doing these exercises every day men generally achieve excellent results.


The medical method of penis enlargement include the use of the following tools:

  • creams;
  • oils;
  • drops for penis enlargement;
  • hormonal drugs.

Consider what constitutes a particular way of penis enlargement with the help of medication.


Hormones for penis enlargement is, first and foremost, human growth hormone and testosterone are assigned exclusively by the doctor and is able under certain conditions to increase the reproductive organ a few inches. However, getting treatment of hormones, it should be remembered that the use of such drugs can lead to severe side effects.

Oil for penis enlargement is a natural product made of plant-based

Essential oils

Essential oil for penis enlargement is a natural product made of plant-based and allows you to increase the sexual member by means of deep penetration into the capillaries, improve blood supply of pelvic organs and stretching the cavernous bodies.

The vast majority of cases, penis growth is made with the following oils:

  • mint;
  • cinnamon;
  • of ginseng;
  • amaranthi;
  • anise.

However, it should be remembered that the rapid increase of a member by using air impossible.


Drops for penis enlargement is the funds taken in and acting on the body due to the active components. These drops are used in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

methods of penis enlargement oils

Cream for penis enlargement

Creams for penis enlargement is the external means to achieve short-term effect on increasing the body and which are divided into:

  • preparations of short (up to 2 hours);
  • the drugs long-term actions (up to 5 hours);
  • drugs with ancillary action.

Despite the fact that most of the methods are absolutely safe for health, make the decision to increase the reproductive organ should be carefully and cautiously.