How to increase the member

Some men believe that it is impossible to achieve increase of a member independently in an excited, calm, but this is a serious misconception.

It is important not to damage the body trying quickly to increase the member.

how to increase the member

It is worth noting several points that you need to know, if you want to discover how to quickly increase your member independently:

  • Not to take actions that cause the slightest pain.
  • To do everything in moderation. If you RUB your penis will become very blotchy/red, will not be better.
  • For a short time period, the penis can lose sensitivity.

It's three simple things that need to be taken into consideration. As almost all men wonder how to increase the member, is to understand the most effective ways.

The method of the rapid increase of a member for an hour or a day of sex

And now to the point. Do in the short term to enlarge the penis at home without the help of experts is quite real, you can make a small swelling. Swelling usually exposed to the skin and a bit of a special body of the penis. You have to understand that in the event of injury mild body may indeed increase, but not more than twenty hours.

If there is an urgent need to increase the member, using the cream should protect the skin against rubbing active, after which it can influence the body in any way: milking, massage, the use of vacuum extender.

Ideal — the simultaneous combination of all methods. Depending on their own skills, massage can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, the organ will lose sensitivity, will be achieved a small degree of numbness.

A steady supply of blood becomes a consequence of excess tissue, a provocateur minor injuries. The body in this situation is not a choice but an increase in existing member volumes of liquid. Even in repose the penis will be much thicker. In erection all erectile tissues that will be more stretched, there will be a lot more blood.

Don't forget about the temporality of the effect, however, is it bad if a member for a couple of hours will look more solid than before. It is the first impression always remains in the memory.

How to increase a member for 5 minutes, the instruments and folk remedies

There is a unique massage technique, which became known thanks to the Arabs. If you apply it correctly, it is really possible to increase penis. Every man would like to learn how to deliver maximum pleasure — increase of a member sometimes becomes the only option.

Sex in people's lives plays a huge role. Here in addition to pleasure, including reducing the risk of developing heart disease, plays a role quick relief from stress, the appearance of an extra sense of confidence in their own ability.

If a man is experiencing due to the size of the body it is impossible to leave things as they are — this can be a consequence of the development of many pathologies, including mental instability.

How does jelking

So how to increase a member for 5 minutes is really, first and foremost, we need to understand how does the penis increase in size during usual erection. When excited, blood flows directly into the sexual organ, which can find all of the spongy bodies empty veins.

Blood to the maximum fills the penis and the size becomes larger. Right at the base of the penis begin to contract various muscles, which do not let the blood to go in the opposite direction. Thanks to the exercise called jelking is possible to greatly increase the flow of blood, and quickly stretch the muscles. After the bodies appear small cracks, fill with blood and to enable the member to increase in size. If you regularly repeat the exercises, it is possible to achieve penis enlargement not only in width but also in length.

In fact, this technique is one of the types of massage that are most effective and accessible to all due to the absence of any cost. All you need is patience as well as observe all of the operating instructions.

penis enlargement.

It is not necessary to hope that the results will be shown immediately. In order to increase the member of at least one centimeter, may have to work for less than three months.

To achieve positive results, it is important to follow some recommendations:

  • Before you start to use the technique, it is important to examine all its nuances.
  • When performing prescribed exercises can not deviate from the instructions.
  • To quickly achieve the desired effect you may not make breaks in the classroom.
  • It is important to stay on a suitable method for themselves, that is with lubrication or without its use.


If you don't know how to increase a member for 5 minutes, then massage is a kind of gymnastics with the mandatory power exposure.

He should run as follows:

  • Bring the penis in an excited state.
  • Perform any action that will imitate the process of Masturbation.
  • Right before the moment of excitation is necessary to compress the member in the area of his head definitely in a tight circle, fingers close together.
  • Note that the compression in any case should not be too strong. Otherwise, the skin may appear bruised.
  • Take 5-10 minutes in this position.

Through such simple actions you'll be able to keep within a member, the maximum pressure level that will be the result of stretching and filling with blood cavernous bodies.

Gel, spray, ointment and cream

There are many different sprays, ointments, helping to increase a member. Before you make a choice in favor of a particular drug, you must decide what effect you plan to achieve.

If you want to increase penis size in the shortest period, you must purchase a cream that is designed primarily for a short time. Thanks to it you will be able to lengthen the penis before sex, but the effect will remain for a couple of hours.

There are various ointments designed for long-lasting effect. You need to use them regularly for 2-3 weeks. This option is suitable for everyone who dreams about a stable change in the size of the penis.

Plus there are gels, sprays, but they tend to be low impact. It is advisable to apply them only in combination with drugs in the form of drops, tablets.

Here's a man decides what outcome he wants to see. It is understood that attention should be paid not only on the duration of the effect, but the ingredients included in the cream, spray.

Folk remedies

Today there are many different folk remedies that increase the penis in size without the use of drugs.

Pour 1 tbsp of raw materials lungwort, pre-dried, with a glass of boiling water. After the solution has infused, you need three times a day to take 15 milliliters.

If you decide to increase your penis size with the use of this medicinal plant, it should be understood that this method has a number of different benefits:

  • the use of folk remedies can not cause any side effects;
  • buy vegetable raw materials can be easily found in your local pharmacy;
  • treatment outcome will manifest itself slowly, but persist for a long time.

It is important to understand that, having decided to enlarge the penis with the help of herbs, definitely will have to demonstrate not only patience, but also diligence, but only in this way will be able to achieve a truly optimal result.

Despite the huge number of advantages of the use of folk remedies there are a couple of drawbacks, namely:

  • in the case of individual intolerance prohibits the acceptance of herbal medicinal products;
  • for some guys the wait is not possible, and a positive effect in any case only be possible in a few months.

Cream of leeches

Every year more and more often men use for penis enlargement homemade cream of leeches.

In order to prepare this medication, it is necessary to collect and dry as much as possible of blood-sucking worms near any freshwater lake. If this is not possible, do not worry because you can also buy them freely available in any pharmacy. The price is acceptable, so you can be sure that it is definitely worth.

Approximately 100 grams of dried worms need to grind into powder and then pour the melted sheep's fat (200 milliliters). The resulting mass after mixing is rubbed into the skin of the penis for several weeks each night before bed.

cream of leeches

In conclusion, it is worth noting that medicine there are many different ways of penis enlargement. Every man according to their own preferences, wishes and possibilities and can choose the one that is suited specifically for him. It is important not to forget that any method will be much better if a procedure or exercise to repeat on a regular basis without interruption. Only in this case will be able to achieve the true desired result.