How to increase thickness of penis

Note that this is not an easy task. It is harder than penis enlargement. Those who have experienced the effect of a variety of quick remedies for thickening penis — gels, pastes, oils — are faced with severe consequences. It can even be a loss of ability to have an erection. But still wanting to improve the condition of his manhood a lot. So you should arm yourself with helpful information about how it is safer to increase the thickness of the penis.

Drug correction

how to increase the thickness of the member

Today microsurgical and surgical techniques with the aim of using the transfer of tissue from other parts of the body of a man and implanting them under the skin of the penis. One of variants of such an operation — transfer complex of subcutaneous adipose tissue from gluteal fold. This way you can increase the diameter on one, maximum two centimeters.

Tissue the surgeon places under the skin of the penis throughout its length. It is a kind of its wrapping. Places of a fence of leather sewn with a so that they are virtually invisible. Seam overlaps intradermally. Thus, the thickening is achieved by adding to the body of the skin from another part of the body. If the patient wants to increase the penis thickness by more than one centimeter, the surgeon uses a different version of the intervention. This is a microsurgical thickening method of transferring muscle tissue. Operation, compared with the previous, much more difficult. It lasts a long time, and the recovery period after it difficult. But the more complex the task, the more difficult achieving it.

Therefore, taking the decision to conduct such operations, you need to think carefully to take into account their complexity, high cost, the duration of the recovery period. It is necessary to take into account the risk of possible complications after the surgery. Because nature does not like such intrusions, and even in such a delicate area. Sometimes as a result of such correction of the penis may appear tuberosity. Most complications are wound infection, bleeding, prolonged swelling of the penis. Possible temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of a balanus, the occurrence of pain during erection.