Penile enlargement

Men are all in search of different ways to increase the size of their "dignity". These ways range from the suspension of special cargo, the use of vacuum pumps to surgical intervention. But the goal is always the same – to have a bigger dick.

Penile enlargement: think twice before venturing

penile enlargement

As in the case of breast implants, surgery to increase penis relate to cosmetic surgery. However, they were never recommended or endorsed by the American urological Association.

Not a single booklet or a video touting the operation to increase the penis, do not tell me that the risk of such a procedure is far superior to the end result.

Initially this type of surgery was developed for people with congenital abnormalities, such as underdeveloped penis or bladder trouble. Such operations were not intended for wide use in cosmetic penis enlargement. Unfortunately, later emerged a whole industry of plastic surgery is designed for countless men, unhappy with the size of his dick. There is a number of problems.

Many physicians are opening the centers for penis enhancement and advertise their services in magazines and Newspapers for gay men. Them threads are men, dreaming of a big cock. The thousands of patients subjected to operation, many complain that their dick mutilated (lost form). Therefore, such centers are closed as often as open. Many surgeons lose their license and/or no longer practicing.

What is the operation to increase the penis?

This type of surgery includes 4 treatments, none of which in fact does not increase the length of the penis. The first procedure – dissection of the suspensory ligament that secures the penis to the pubic bone. This method gives only a visual effect and increases the penis only in the relaxed state. In erection the member after such an operation does not accept a vertical position that ensures the suspensory ligament. This fact causes a number of problems during sexual intercourse. Moreover, in the base member in the region of the suspensory ligament are many sensitive nerves. During surgery these nerves may be damaged.

The next stage – V-Y or Z plasty of the skin of the Mons pubis. The unusual name of the operation, in which the base of the penis is added to the skin. Such "insert" necessary to close the area of incision suspensory ligaments and create the appearance of lengthening of a member in comparison with the level of the scrotum. Although the incisions are made in the region of the pubes, covered with hair, very often it all ends in horrible scars and a hairline fracture. One of the most common side effects of this treatment keloid scars.

The third aspect of the thickening of the penis. Initially it was achieved with injection of adipose tissue under the skin of the penis. This procedure was not efficient enough, because fat tissue has the tendency to resorption. Due to the fact that the process of destruction of cells occurs with different degrees of intensity, the penis may be deformed due to uneven thickness of fat layer at different sites. Another option for thickening treatments – transplanted under the skin of the penis skin-fat flaps, which often are taken from the gluteal region. But it gets worse: in order to transplant the tissue, the skin covering the penis, you must first remove. After the transplant, the surgeon returns the skin to its original state, pulling her to the transplanted skin and fat flaps. As in the previous case, the amount of fat absorbed, and the surface of the penis becomes rough. Besides, very often after operations on the skin of the penis leaves scars.

And finally, the last procedure – liposuction of the pubic region, allowing to create the appearance of increased size of a member in comparison with a flat stomach. Initially liposuction was performed not only in order to make the pubic region is flat, but to use the drained fat for injections under the skin of the penis.


Surgery to increase penis includes 4 treatments, none of which actually does not increase its size.

After surgery many patients are left with deformed, covered with scars genitals who have broken sensitivity.

Many surgeons who carried out the operation to increase the penis there are a large number of claims for professional negligence.

My penis is too small?

Although very few men satisfied with the size of his dick, most of them are "normal" guys. The average penis size of an adult male is 15 cm. the size of the member depends on genetic factors, as well as belonging to a particular race. Almost 95 % of men penis size in erection is 12-18 cm the accuracy of the measurement of the length of the penis is affected by different factors, including the strength with which you press on the pubic region during the measurement.

penis enlargement.

How effective is this operation?

Essentially, this type of surgery only creates the appearance of increased penis. Its length is not actually changing. It is only an illusion, besides is very expensive. Liposuction of the pubic region really gives a cosmetic effect to the holders of the abdomen. But despite this, too high a probability that these procedures can lead to scars, decrease sensitivity of the penis, its deformation.

Don't be fooled! Don't do this! Your penis will soon become a formless, than great.


- Augmentation of the penis is fraught with rather serious danger, there is very little use.

- Don't do it!