How to increase the member and to fix the effect for ever?

Some men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis and are very proud of this. Due to experiences suffering self-esteem, causing problems in bed. penis enlargement.Because of this a man is not getting enough sex and are constantly suffering from anxiety.Many have the idea about increase of a member, but not always, it is impossible to implement in practice. There are many ways that theoretically can be used to solve the problem, and each of them has distinctive features and different levels of efficiency.

We will tell you what to do to the guy who wants to increase penis size and how he will be able to do this effectively, if it is necessary to consolidate the effect to sexual organ forever and whether it is possible to do it. You will learn whether the truth the possibility of increasing the length of the male sexual organ.

Myth or truth?

There is a perception that the male penis can't be increased. Often you can find deals that are not of real use, therefore, it seems that the methods of increase – a deceit and fraud. In fact it is not. And you know, if you read this material. Although the size of the penis is determined by heredity and peculiarities of development, but the impact on them is possible.

The desire to enlarge the penis is quite normal, especially because now there are plenty of opportunities to make it real. To use them in the home and in the hospital. Of course, we cannot take a decision on the choice of the method independently because you can cause irreparable harm to your body.

Before the procedures, to increase need to see a doctor, so he inspected it and gave useful recommendations and also told in detail what to do next to increase a member. Sensitive issues andrologists, and many of them have considerable experience in this field.

the penis enlargement ways


Are several of the most effective methods of promoting growth of a member. They are available to any man (even a teenager) who wants to solve the problem of the small size. This includes the following methods:

  • surgery;
  • the use of ointments, sprays, gels;
  • exercise and massage;
  • the use of pumps, extenders and other devices;
  • the use of folk remedies.


Surgery penis enlargement at the moment is considered one of the most effective ways, however, one "want" there will not be enough. So it is possible to improve not only the length but also the thickness of the body. An experienced plastic surgeon will carefully examine the anatomical features of the penis to make the right decision.Next, the course of her treatment, after which the patient will be under the supervision of skilled professionals. This will allow to achieve correct postoperative recovery and resumption of sexual functions. To enlarge penis by intervention of the surgeon can be up to 4 inches, which for many will be a really tangible result.

The operation is performed by intersecting the muscles that support the penis at the top. Further, they are sewn in a new place, a little lower than it was previously.

Before you decide on surgery, you must weigh its pros and cons. The main advantage is the high level of efficiency. As for the cons, these include:

  • bleeding;
  • infection obtained from the wounds;
  • prolonged swelling;
  • temporary reduction of sensitivity;
  • pain during erection.
Help! All these problems can manifest themselves in the first days after surgery.

Later they usually disappear. But after a long time you may experience some problems. The most common consequences include:

  1. Change the angle of the erect penis.
  2. The instability of the penis during sexual intercourse.
  3. Deformation and curvature of the penis.
  4. Disorder of erection.
the penis enlargement operation

The application of ointments, gels, sprays

Currently, manufacturers offer a huge variety of tools proposed to be applied to the penis to achieve growth. Funds are available in different formats: ointments, sprays, gels. Each of the products has special properties.

Some of them have short-term effect and can only be used during intercourse. This leads to a slight increase of the penis, which persists for sexual contact. There are also funds with a longer duration.

They are effective if used consistently, although impressive results are usually impossible to achieve. Another option drugs are those which are effective only when combined with other drugs.

During the study the composition of sprays, creams and gels, it becomes clear that some of the magic ingredients there. There is usually contains essential oils, amino acids, pectin and other similar components. They increase blood circulation, contribute to a temporary lengthening and improving erectile function. Unfortunately, usually does not last long.

Tool is recommended for external use in combination with other methods, for example, with an active massage.

Exercise and massage

Massage to increase penis you can do at home, it requires no financial outlay, so available to any man who worries about the size of the body. Thanks to the massage action, not only increases the length and thickness, but also improves potency.

Before you begin, you need to warm up the cock by using towels soaked in warm water. You need to wait a few minutes, then repeat the warm-up sequence two more times. This will significantly increase the effect of massage.

the penis enlargement ointments

There are several massage techniques. Some of them are applied on the excited member, some relaxed. One of the most common techniques is the jelqing. This technique is one of the most ancient.

It is believed that it has long been used by residents of the Eastern countries. Because of the characteristic movements of a technique called "milking". Jelqing is carried out only on the excited member, it is recommended to use a lubricant. The effect is achieved by stretching cavernous bodies during erection filled with blood. After a couple of months you notice tangible results.

Important! During the massage it is important to observe the correct technique, otherwise no result will be achieved.

Pumps and extenders

A very popular method of penis enlargement is the use of a vacuum pump. Also, this device can help with increasing blood flow to the penis if there are problems with erection. The pump creates around the body of the vacuum, which increases blood circulation, which beneficially affects the condition of the member. Before using the device you should apply a special cream and then to enter the penis into the cylinder.

The air is then pumped out, and the male organ is placed under pressure. The desired pressure level is regulated with a built-in pressure gauge.

The main disadvantage of using pumps is that the effect of it is short-lived. When the meter is used before sex, it is possible to achieve the desired result. But for a long time he is not saved. Also among the disadvantages of the use of a vacuum pump can be distinguished:

  • temporary impotence;
  • bruising;
  • damage to blood vessels.

Another instrument that can be used to solve the problem with size is the extender. It can be used to produce increase in size as the length and thickness of the penis. In addition, the extender helps to eliminate curvature of the penis, so if any trouble is present, the device is quite usable.

The principle of the device is the traction on. The device must be worn on the penis for at least 9 hours every day. No restrictions for men with this, he can move freely, sit, lie down, go about their daily business. After six months of use, you may notice an increase in the amount of 3-5 centimeters.

Folk remedies

Not all men can afford to spend money on devices and creams to their genitals, as well as continuously focus massage. In this case, it can help folk remedies. Not to say that they are highly effective, but some effect can be noticed. Usually we are not talking about serious penis enlargement, and boosting erectile function. A man can adopt the following tools that can help in this situation:

  1. Infusion of herbs thyme.
  2. Garlic tincture, which is sold in the pharmacy.
  3. Infusion of lungwort.
  4. Honey with nuts.

Make the head of the penis more

Sometimes a man tormented by size not the member, as its head. This problem also can be solved to avoid problems in the sexual life. Little head is not able to fully stimulate the woman's vagina, so dissatisfaction leads to conflicts and disagreements.

At home, the head can be increased with the help of daily exercises that will not require any financial investment. There are several techniques that can solve the problem. This could include the following exercises:

  1. An erect penis is pressed with fingers at the base, until it becomes quite solid. Next you need to close your fingers for a few seconds, and then relax on them again to shrink.
  2. You must take the penis hand and alternately hit the left and right thigh. This should be done with caution.
  3. We need to firmly squeeze the penis at the base, then move your fingers toward the head. The force of compression to reduce impossible.
the penis enlargement cream
Attention! Described above exercise must be performed for 7-14 minutes, to ensure sufficient impact on the head.

Increase sensitivity

Another common problem in men is a decreased sensitivity of the penis. Often it is seen in those men who are too actively masturbate. It is therefore necessary to reduce the frequency of Masturbation, and apply new ways to wean itself from habitual movements. We should not strive for a quick result, it is better to act by the slow and smooth movements.

You can also use natural aphrodisiacs, adding them to food. The category of such products include pine nuts, parsley, seafood, eggs. Another method to increase sensitivity is the use of special lubricants.

In short, if men have a problem with the size or sensitivity to worry because this is not worth it. There are many ways you are able to achieve the desired result and get rid of problems in bed. But it is important to start to consult a doctor for advice, not to be mistaken and do not hurt yourself. In any case, if you want to know what is the right increase how much it will be effective in your case, it is better to consult a specialist.