How to increase penis size the most effective methods

Of course, the most effective way of penis enlargement is surgery. But do I need to go to such extreme measures?

No, not necessarily. Methods home increase is very diverse, each of them has its effectiveness.

how to increase the member

To achieve maximum results, you should understand the physiology. On average, the standard penis size in men – 12-16 inches. If after measuring the dimensions correspond to the parameters, the increase is not necessary.

The most effective method to increase the male organ is a combination of several ways. For example, the use of herbs for penis enlargement, in parallel with the massage.

Some methods are meant to increase for a certain period, while others keep the effect for a lifetime.

Important! Only the regularity and consistency will lead to a good result.

Penis – the main body of men, you cannot argue that point, the size and efficiency of the penis are even more important than material wealth or social status. It is an undeniable fact, and those men who have a member (in their opinion) not up to their desired size, often develops serious psychological discomfort.

Methods of penis enlargement designed by experts for men who want to increase penis size and regain confidence in their abilities. But before I recommend how to enlarge the penis, doctors will try to determine if it is necessary for man to extend (stretch) or add volume to your penis, as far as physiologically, it corresponds to the average value or is it a passing whim, based on invented (or is imposed) standards.

So, what can be considered the "gold standard" for the penis among men? The proverbial average 14 cm or "imposed" on the 25th, although the last option is, oddly enough, discourages more women than it attracts, but nevertheless, the popularity of ways to penis enlargement is increasing every year.

How to increase penis size and is it possible to achieve penis enlargement at home? How effective are different methods how to apply them and how easy is it yourself and how to increase penis at home, – about it in detail later.

How to increase member activity

Penis size does not affect urination and erection. So typically, any operation aimed at penis enlargement is only beauty and it is not recommended for anything other than plastic surgery clinics. Initially, these interventions were developed for men who have difficulty urinating due to injuries or congenital defects.

Operations have serious complications:

  1. Infection.
  2. The formation of scars.
  3. Impotence.
  4. The loss of sensitivity.

Therefore, to resort to them at need least: not when I want more, and when there is a medical problem. There are several techniques that change the size of a member.

Surgery to increase the member

This intervention, which cut the bond between the penis and the bone. Sexual organ, not taut to the bone, in the erect state seems to be longer because it does not retain a bunch.

About operations do not have any illusions. Member will not become more nor twice, nor in half. No surgeon, if he's honest, I'm not sure how much to increase penis. It all depends on anatomical characteristics of each patient, but an increase of more than 3 cm is either luck or myth. Therefore, the result of such interference satisfied only 35% of patients.

methods of penis enlargement

Even with a successful operation will have undesirable side effects. Because of the cut bundles will change the angle of the penis during erection, and part of the pubic skin together with the scalp, you'll turn into the skin of the base of the penis. Better not imagine how it looks.

Surgery for thickening of a member

To make thicker member, using different implants from silicone or from its own tissues of the patient. This is a controversial treatments that also have many contraindications.

With the help of injections also make the penis thicker. Patient taking fat tissue and injected it into the member. As a result, the body swells and becomes wider. But not for long: the method a lot of unpleasant consequences. The most common is the fatty tissue starts to shift unevenly under the skin. As a result, in some places lumps are formed, while in others failures. To correct the form and appearance is possible only with surgical intervention.

Increase the member by means of drugs, gels and ointments

Is it real? How can you increase the member using the ointment? In General, in any way. The principle of operation is very primitive: increased blood flow to the sex organ. Valid for no longer than two hours with few exceptions. The increase in such member does not bring.

And with drugs, slightly more effective than the gels, you need to be vigilant. They are based on hormones. It is fraught with unpleasant consequences. In addition, these medicines can lead to strong sexuality. Itself is not too bad, but in the context of hormonal disorders can bring a lot of trouble.

Indications for the procedure

Sooner or later every man wonders about how to increase the thickness of the penis. But really, such a procedure requires a very small percentage of males. In other cases, the thickening of the penis – it is solely the desire of the men.

Is there a standard size that is considered to be the norm. A normal penis is about 16 inches in length and 8 in girth. Allowed error of both the larger and smaller side. A small penis is the measure of 8 cm in length and less in the erect state. The size of manhood requires intervention and correction.

Thickening of the penis is usually more complicated than changing the length surgically. But at the moment there are several different techniques for enlarging the penis. Their application will help to hold the increase in volume of the penis, both in the home and under the supervision of experts.

Increasing the thickness of the penis is carried out by several methods. It shows those men who have small size of manhood and want to know how to increase penis thickness. It is known that long-term satisfaction with the use of small diameters it is possible to make the amount of a member less.

This means that there are ways of increasing the thickness of the member.

Popular recipes

Man is designed in such a way that it is often not satisfied with what was awarded his nature (or genes). For example, girls with smooth hair, dreaming of curls Flirty, and a large percentage of men want to increase their "dignity". If hair can get a Perm, with the penis, things are much more serious. To go into a surgery not need.

surgery to increase the member

To increase the size of penis is quite possible at home. But you should remember one rule – instant result will be. Moreover, quitting regular exercise, the result can return to the original version.

Alternative medicine offers several effective tools that you can use at home:

  1. Thyme – grind, brew, brew. Ready means to drink for four months, morning and evening.
  2. Garlic finely chop, pour alcohol, mix thoroughly, leave for ten days in a dry place, and then to drink for twenty-five drops for three months.
  3. The infusion made from ginseng, hawthorn and Ginkgo leaves is rubbed into the penis.
  4. Seeds of wormwood – cover with cold water, boil for about ten minutes, then strain, cool and take inside.
  5. Butter, milk and chopped asparagus to the mix, add seeds of carrots and turnips, to send the resulting paste on medium heat until thick.

This is the most popular folk remedies used to improve male genitalia. But the possibilities of herbal medicine is virtually limitless, so you can choose a more effective decoction of medicinal herbs.

The advantages of folk recipes

Increase male organ with the help of herbs has several benefits:

  1. Herbal affordable, sold in any pharmacy. If desired, the ingredients can be assembled in the field or in the meadow.
  2. Safety – pharmaceuticals can cause side effects. Herbal medicine is absolutely harmless for men's health.
  3. Long-term effect of regular treatment with herbs gives a stable result. He comes not immediately, but persists for a long time.

If you have patience and some effort, you can be sure to achieve the desired result.


The increase in folk remedies has a few drawbacks, which are important to know:

  1. The first results can be seen only after a few months, but not all men are willing to wait.
  2. The required components must be prepared: to collect, process, dry, then prepare the infusion. It takes time and effort.

So how to make dick bigger at home? The most effective methods are:

  • jelking;
  • massages;
  • extenders;
  • tensile loads;
  • gels, medications, vacuum pump being less effective, used in combination with the basic techniques.
massage for the penis

The most important thing that you need to know at the beginning of training to increase members: immediate results you get. And moreover, finished regular exercise, you can lose all the achievements obtained in resistant building self-esteem.