Methods and preparations for increasing the male member in the home

Penis size has a direct impact on the self-esteem. How to increase a man's penis — the most popular search engines in question. But is it possible to change the anatomical features inherent in genetics — read about it in our article about the most popular ways.

Norms of penis size

penis enlargement.

Have penis there are two measures of size — length and thickness. These parameters are measured from the erect (excited) body. In the quiescent state indicators are not calculated. In the process of sexual arousal the size of the penis increases several times, the body changes direction to the navel, becomes perpendicular to the abdomen.

Should not ahead of time to sound the alarm and blaming the nature of greed and lack of inches in the pants. You should first compare your penis with average length. When the excited state of men the size of penis varies in the range of 12-18 inches. There may be deviation from medium size and large and in the smaller side, but the deviation is only a few percent.

In a relaxed state, the length ranges from 7 to 10 centimeters. Penis size depends not only on hereditary characteristics, but also on the age of the man. In boys 10-12 years old penis is small, as in the body has insufficient male hormone.

The rate of growth of the penis based on age characteristics:

  1. 11-12 years. Swelling of the scrotum, increases the size of the testicles due to the active hormonal surge. Reproductive system of a boy modernizarea, begins to produce seminal fluid.
  2. 13-16 years. The stage of active physical growth, during this period, the member can increase in size by 2 times. The boys observed the first erection and ejaculation, wet dreams often occur during active production of testosterone and surge of physical development.
  3. 16-18. The final period of formation size. In the future the size could increase, but only slightly.

After 18 years there are significant jumps in growth. The male body is still developing up to a maximum of 25. In old age due to androgen deficiency, chronic diseases of the urogenital system or other problems can experience a decrease in size. To monitor the indicators in the table.

Age Length in erection Length in peace The girth of the penis
14 years 15 cm 6 cm 8-10 cm
15 years 15-16 cm 7 cm 10-11 cm
16 years 16-17 cm 7-8 cm 11-12 cm

14 - 16 years — the period of active growth. These three years enough of a boy to form the male. Adolescence is a stage of hormonal adjustment of the organism and turning into an adult.

Surgical enlargement methods

methods of penis enlargement

If the father of a boy the penis size is small, you should not rely on 20 cm erection in the future. However, there are methods that help men to cope with the complexes. On how to increase manhood forever, well know plastic surgeons.

In surgical treatment, there is a list of indications for which the doctor prescribes urgent intervention. If the patient is on their own wants to change the size, you should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the operation.

The testimony for penis enlargement by surgery:

  • impotence caused by vascular disorders;
  • cavernous fibrosis;
  • anatomical defects of the body;
  • underdevelopment size;
  • Peyronie's disease;
  • erectile dysfunction in diabetes mellitus;
  • unsuccessful surgical attempts to increase member or other operations.

The prosthesis or the installation of an artificial member of the latter method is to increase. The operation applies in the case when the stretching of an organ or the pump did not give the desired results.


One of the types of radical surgery on the prosthesis. Surgery is reserved for injuries of the penis or damage the nerves that provide erection in case of gross violations of blood supply, after radical surgical treatment of tumors of the pelvic organs or in the absence of the testicle.

On elasticity and touch the denture does not differ from natural fabrics. The substitution or addition of on occurs a few inches. The patient returns erectile ability and increases self-esteem. Many patients notice that it comes to the sexual power that allows you to make numerous and prolonged sexual acts.

Types of prostheses:

  1. Hard. This is an old type of prosthesis, wherein the member is practically always in a state of erection. Inconvenience makes life difficult men, a rigid prosthesis is currently used rarely.
  2. Plastic. Are characterized by their ability to remember the position of the penis. The man himself will be able to fix the desired position. The external member will not differ from the natural and will be able to perform their previous sexual function. Surgeon will put a special bar, which will help to maintain an erection and increase the size.
  3. Inflatable. This is the last and more perfect form, in which simulates the rest and erection the most accurate. Innovation has the property of variable stiffness, which causes the ability.

This kind of surgery is carried out or adult men in old age. Size can increase from 2 to 5 cm Before the appointment of the prosthesis the patient should have a complete diagnostic examination to identify possible contraindications.


According to statistics, about 80% of the male population would like to increase penis. Lipofilling is the injection method, wherein in the region of the cavernous body of the member is introduced own fat tissue. Method is used to treat erectile dysfunction or to correct anatomical defects.

Lipofilling is the implantation of additional tissues, which provides a thickening of the body. As the sealing materials can also use synthetic alternatives such as bio-gel, silicone. Method helps to cope with impotence and little penis size.

The main advantage of this procedure is the relative safety of the procedure and no need for extra incisions of the flesh. The trauma of this method of increase is minimal. In most cases, as a material for sealing use their own folds of fat people.

Of the fat will eventually be absorbed, but some amount of it safely will take root and remain in the body. Of the shortcomings can be noted the possibility of uneven distribution of the injected tissue around the circumference of the penis.

Injections in the member

surgery to increase the member

As a conservative and less secure of the treatment can be considered injections for male organ. Come to the aid of the hyaluronic acid preparations, injections of testosterone to grow in size, or other medications.

Types of injections:

  1. The hyaluronic acid. This procedure is intended to increase the size of the body. The penis cavity is filled with a special gel which is biologically compatible with human tissues. Choose a method of inserting injections of hyaluronic acid for quick recovery and rare cases of intolerance. However, the effect does not last long, only a few months. If contraindications or intolerance of the individual components can be allergic reactions and even rejection, threatening sepsis.
  2. Injections Of Papaverine. This is a temporary effect of penis enlargement, occurring due to the introduction of solutions into the corpora cavernosa. Used as a "causative agent" of the authority means the active ingredient of which is alprostadil. The tool is used primarily for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Due to the relaxation of smooth muscles there is a strong sexual arousal, which increases on 1-2 see
  3. Injection of testosterone. In rare cases, can be assigned even in adolescence, when marked androgen deficiency. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for penis size. Such injections help stabilize your libido and strengthen sexual response. By improving the quality of erection member is increased by 1-2 cm.

It is not necessary to make choices independently. Each shot has special indications and contraindications. Select the method of penis enlargement will help the attending physician. But injection is a temporary solution to the problem. May be addictive to a certain input product.

Hardware increase

As a conservative way to increase size using different devices. On the market you can find a lot of intimate devices, pass the LOD-therapy with the use of vacuum even in the clinic.


The extender is a special device that helps to stretch the penis. It should be put on the penis and worn for quite a long time to get the desired result.

How to achieve maximum effect lengthening with extender:

  1. The original indicators. The bigger the penis the easier it is to increase. Action adaptation lies in the stretching of the tissues. At too small sizes are recommended to carry out the operation, aimed at increasing the area of effect of the extender.
  2. The correct angle of inclination. It is important to choose a device that will not slip, to avoid the need to correct him. Modern design allows to fix it in almost all cases where other instruments are not held. If the device keeps falling off, then the zoom effect will not.
  3. The duration of application. It is recommended to wear the extender for 2 hours, take a break and again to wear it. For best results, you need to go with the stretcher at least 6-8 hours a day. The result from wearing for an hour a day is, but it will be less noticeable.
  4. The age effect. The younger the man, the higher the chance to increase the penis. The fact that the body of a young man more flexible, the skin has greater elasticity. Age after 60 years — the main obstacle for the use of the extender, the method may not help.
  5. Health. First and foremost, you should consult your doctor and undergo a medical examination. Underdevelopment of the penis is one of the signs of androgenic deficiency. Therefore, in some cases, prior to elongation of the penis should undergo a hormonal evaluation to address the question of the advisability of hormone therapy for a period of lengthening.

To use the device just. Put the unit on a clean body is fixed to a certain length by a special post. The man just goes with extender for 2-3 hours, then need to take a break.

Gradually, the patient will notice that it is possible to increase the degree of stretch and attach on next post. Please note that the penis can shrink and not hold on to the desired mark. This is normal, just wear the device for a shorter length and then re-secure the usual position.

If the extender is worn alternately downwards and upwards, it should be noted that the tension in the first and second case will be different — for the same length of the tension rods will always be stronger if the extender pointing down. Male reviews, this device helps to enlarge the penis by 2-5 cm forever. The result may be greater if you increase the exposure time.

Vacuum pump

Another alternative method is the use of vacuum pumps. This method of stretching is widely used abroad. The main indications are the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This therapy helps in 10 minutes to restore potency.

Also on the list of indications the period of rehabilitation after radiation therapy or prostate surgeries. Artificially generated pressure can increase penis size a few inches.

The action lies in the increased blood flow due to pressure differences. At men there comes an erection, the cavernous body cavity is completely filled with arterial blood. There is an increase of the penis, and it becomes much more than during a normal erection.

Types of vacuum devices for penis:

  1. Manual. In appearance it is an ordinary tube of cylindrical shape. Standard options: length — 20 cm width — 7 cm is Pumped out the air using a hand pump.
  2. Electric. No need to manually create a vacuum. Excess air is removed by a special pump which evenly deflate it. You can also easily adjust the degree of pressure. Such devices are much more expensive than the manual.
the penis enlargement at home

In more advanced devices have intensity control. Instructions on how to increase manhood, is simple: you need to insert the member into the cylinder by a pump to create a vacuum and keep the position from a few seconds up to 2 minutes.

Increase the member thus obtained by 3-5 cm Device increases blood circulation in the body, which treats reduced potency. After using the device improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

Most of the side effects is short-lived, so they should not be afraid. However, the use of with contraindications can have dangerous consequences. To the risk of side effects has decreased, it is important to increase the pressure gradually using the vacuum pump, equipped with pressure gauges.