How to massage for penis enlargement

To enlarge the penis is the dream of every man, even if its dimensions are OK, but the problems in the intimate life occur very rarely. Today to increase their dignity to use a variety of means, but the most safe of these is massage.

The relevance of the problem?

penis enlargement.

Increase the member today is not an issue. The market for medical services is ready to offer quite affordable and secure methods and measures in the form of surgical intervention. The last procedure is extremely dangerous and has consequences, including amputation of manhood.

According to research, is considered a small penis whose length is less than 12 cm Average length of the penis in men, our country is 12 to 18 see If the size exceeds 18 cm, it is considered large. Another interesting fact – the penis is increased immediately before ejaculation.

You need to remember that increasing the body quickly and permanently fail. The process of adding length and volume long enough, the results are visible soon, and as soon as the work stops, the member quickly returns to its previous size. However, if you have the desire and perseverance, to increase the size by using massage, complemented with special cosmetics.

The effectiveness of the method

Many men find massage for penis enlargement exercise is useless, what is deeply mistaken. Member, is a muscular organ, presented by the cavities. During sexual arousal towards him rushes the blood that fills these cavities (corpora cavernosa). And the bigger the size, the more blood they fit, and the longer and thicker you will become a member. And since muscles are amenable to training, increase, or rather, to stretch the corpora cavernosa, it is possible.

The only condition that will serve as the key to success is regularity. To do massage you need to constantly, from time to time increasing the intensity and duration of classes. There are different techniques with different complexity, i.e., master classes follows from a standard exercise, and as you become more experienced you can add other, more complicated.

This gradual loading will allow to avoid "addiction" muscles that will make training more effective.

To Supplement the procedure special gels and creams that promote the stretching of the muscles. You can buy them in specialized stores and pharmacies, consult your physician and having studied the instructions for use. Also a great addition was the extenders that you can wear in between workouts.


Massage, aims to increase the penis that can give manhood a few inches. but only if it meets all its requirements and conditions.

With regular exercises the penis will not only become thicker, longer, and substantially lose their sensitivity. And this is a direct way to gaining control over ejaculation and prolonging intimacy.

First and foremost you need to have a positive attitude. You cannot begin to massage in a tense, nervous state.

Before the procedure is recommended to take a hot bath, and then RUB the groin area with a towel. You need to make sure that during the massage, no one will bother. It is desirable to supply light, relaxing music. Now you can start to exercise.

First you need to bring the penis in an excited state. To do this, grasp the head with your hand and firmly squeeze, but to avoid pain or discomfort. Then the body gently stretched in different directions until, until there is discomfort.

They need to get used. As soon as the pain will subside, you can still slightly pull. You can now proceed directly to the massage. Procedure it is recommended to alternate with stretching of the body, each time changing the direction of stretching.

The impact of hands on the penis is the most safe method of increase it. Performing gymnastics, a man always in control of the process, and at the slightest discomfort can stop and mitigate the impact.

Although with massage first results will be visible only after a month, six months later, the size will be more than a few inches. In this technique excludes the impact of trauma on circulatory disturbances in it.

Techniques and important details

massage for penis enlargement

Another important point during the procedure. They must be clean, dry, or treated with a special cream, with manicured nails. After completing preliminary training, you can begin to exercise.

The main of them as follows. You need to sit as comfortable as possible, maximally relaxed. Legs apart, penis is in erection.

Thumb and index finger of the right hand (or left, if a man left-handed) form a ring, which caught on at the base. Then a strong but careful movements from the bottom up need to pull the ring up to the head. Gradually the force of the compression ring should be tightened, and when they move up the penis need to pull. Duration of exercise is 10 to 15 minutes.

To the next method of execution is to start after the first is fully mastered. All movements are performed very slowly and carefully. First you need to ensure the flow of blood to the head. After that you should tightly squeeze your fingers under it, not allowing blood to leak. To record the blood flow takes a few seconds, then gently close your fingers and give your body "rest".

Clenching his fingers again, increase the holding time for 2-3 seconds. So, clamping and releasing blood flow, should gradually increase the time of fixation. Performed this exercise for 10 minutes.

Such exercises primarily aimed at increasing the size of the head of the penis.

Such regular exercise will help not only to make the member longer and thicker, but will give a man control over ejaculation, increase his libido and sexual activity. Also increased size will give your confidence help to make sex life brighter and more varied.