Vacuum penis enlargement pump

Vacuum vacuum is a pretty famous way of penis enlargement. The principle underlying this method is very simple. Creating using vacuum area of low pressure around his penis, we thus forcibly driven by the blood to the body. The result — it swells and hardens. In medicine, this process is called "flushing".

penis enlargement.

During erection, blood fills tissues of the penis, why they are highly inflated. When using the vacuum pump (pump) we not only drives the blood into a trap and lock her in there. Using congestion can maintain the penis in an excited state for a long time — from 30 minutes to an hour.

The main purpose of a vacuum pump — call and maintain an erection

In the market you can see many models of pumps. Traditionally, they are divided into 2 categories: manual and electric. Vacuum pumps with manual "drive" much cheaper electric counterparts. What are they? This is typically a hollow cylinder made of acrylate or plastic with a length of about 20 cm and a diameter of about 5-7 cm, connected to a hand pump. Using a hand-pump equipped with a blower that pumps air from the cylinder. In electrical appliances the vacuum is created by a pump that provides a continuous and uniform suction of air. Some models are additionally equipped with a special button to adjust the intensity of the vacuum.

Effectively vacuum vacuum?

Some argue that the pump enlarges the penis. However, the length increase will not only depend on the regularity of the application of the apparatus, but also the time spent on procedures, as well as from the anatomical features of men.

After finding the tubing member becomes very thick and fleshy. But this increase is temporary and it is associated with the accumulation in the body of the lymphatic fluid. Liquid after a few hours fully "leaves" of the penis, and it acquires its former size. Does the pump cock forever — have to say. Someone says, "Yes, but not much." Others complain about the complete uselessness of this technique.

One can say with full confidence: penis enlargement (penile) vacuum pump — it is extremely complex, requiring adherence to many recommendations. It must be said that the cheap pump from a sex shop — not good! Because they are designed not to stretch fabrics of a member, and to invoke an erection in its absence. Pump required to increase the size of penis, must have: a replaceable cylinder (calculated on the size of your member), a pressure gauge and a powerful hand pump. Naturally, such a device is quite expensive.

If we talk about the effectiveness of this method, it must be admitted that it does not meet expectations. This is due to 2 factors: the first is the short duration of application (no more than 45 minutes a day), the second — highest risk of admission to lymph tissue, which can cause swelling of the penis. In addition, when the immoderate use of vacuum pumps, the penis can develop cracks that heal very hard and long. And if it is wrong to set the pressure level, this may result in broken capillaries — then instead of increasing the size will change the color of the penis (due to hemorrhage, and it shall become bluish).


Of course, you can carefully peruse the relevant literature on the use of the pump, to learn how to correctly and carefully use it. However, it is best to apply it for its intended purpose — for calls erection.

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How to use vacuum pump for penis enlargement?

By far the most common and effective method of penis enlargement is the vacuum vacuum. The great popularity of this method stems from the fact that it allows not only to increase the length and thickness of your penis but also helps to improve blood circulation and potency. Thus, in contrast to other methods of penis enlargement (pills or ointments), the effect of the rarefied air much safer.

Apart from increasing the penis, this device has a number of advantages:

  • Promotes the elimination of sexual disorders.
  • The pump can also be used by women (for example, breast augmentation or eliminate the problems with achieving a clitoral orgasm).
  • Increases the duration of sexual intercourse. A vacuum pump allows to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and thus reduce the risk of premature ejaculation.
  • Helps eliminate bending member.
  • The penis increases not only in length but also in diameter.
pump for penis enlargement

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement has a fairly simple principle – with the help of vacuum around the penis creates a low pressure, promotes a rush of blood to the organ and filling the cavernous bodies. It leads to swelling and hardening of the penis (the flushing process), which is similar to a natural erection. Also, the pump is perfect as a massager.

It is not recommended to use a vacuum pump for more than five minutes in the first treatments. This can lead to serious complications:

  • the erectile dysfunction;
  • swelling;
  • cracks on the penis, which are subsequently hard and long time to heal;
  • ruptures of the capillaries.

The duration of a single session of use of a vacuum pump is approximately 15-20 minutes. To achieve the long-term result of the first fourteen days sessions are recommended once a day. After this period the procedures are performed through the day. Best time for sessions 1 — 2 hours before bedtime. Noticeable results can be observed after a couple of months, after which the regularity of the pump can be reduced to 1 times every 3 days.

The device is quite fragile, so it is undesirable to hit or drop. Store the pump for penis enlargement it is necessary at room temperature in a dry place and away from sunlight.

The benefits and harms when using penis pumps for men

Use vacuum pump as its damage is an interesting topic for discussion. Doctors actively engaged in the debate about whether to use the device to increase the penis in size and which device has contraindications. In some cases it is better to abandon the use of the pump, and in which its use will help to restore potency and significantly improved erectile function of men?

Operation of the pump to increase the size of the penis is often forced to solve the problem.

A vacuum pump is used to get rid of:

  1. The problems with erection.
  2. Violations in the work of PCH.
  3. Complexes about the size of the body.

Vacuum apparatus for men irreplaceable in case if you have erection problems. The representative of the stronger sex with the help of the device can restore its former potential, and to pleasure a woman.

If a man have an erection does not last long, discomfort during PA not encouraging, and it ends as soon as they begin. You should enlist the help of the pump.

The use of the device is justified in the case when a confused man is not low potency, and the small size of the penis. With the help of vacuum can increase the penis size but it will have to use the device for a long period of time.

Doctors advise men to resort to the help system:

  • if not long ago had an operation on the pelvic organs;
  • have problems with erections because of high intoxication (during radiation therapy).

The pump will help in the case if there are psychological problems that arise only immediately before intimacy with a woman and hampering fully relax and cope with emotions.

How does a vacuum pump, description of mechanism of action:

how to increase the member
  1. Effects on the male organ is carried out by vacuum.
  2. It enhances the blood flow and nutrients to specific bodies of the penis.
  3. Powerful blood flow causes the penis in an excited state.

The erectile tissues are prone to stretching, their filling with blood leads to increase manhood dimensions.

There are 2 kinds of vacuum pumps:

  • the pump can be manual;
  • automatic.

The use of hand pumps is as high as from an automatic. What can be said about the cost of the device.

The vacuum environment in the device is generated due to the impact of the air its pumping. Pump automatic type operates on the same principle, but does not require effort from the person.

For men, the pump is useful in that case:

  1. If there is congestion in the pelvic organs.
  2. There are minor irregularities in the process of blood supply.

When the potency or penis size is something you can "work", you should enlist the help of a vacuum pump, because it:

  • has a comparatively low price;
  • safer than surgery;
  • rarely leads to the development of undesirable complications.

If you believe the reviews of the customers and doctors, the benefits with proper use of vacuum apparatus, it is an undeniable fact!

But we should not forget that improper use of the device may lead to disorders in the body and cause unwanted complications.


Harmful than vacuum pump for penis enlargement men? Do not complex in design, the device can cause the body harm?

So useful, at first glance, the device may adversely affect the health of men, in the following cases:

  1. The use of the device leads to a decrease in sensitivity.
  2. Negative impact on skin condition.
  3. The penis may lose its hardness in the base.

The harm caused by excessive and inappropriate use of a vacuum pump on a regular basis. That is, if you regularly too often to affect organ using a device that can be encountered:

  • with the hemorrhages of small size, appeared on the surface of the skin;
  • dryness and decreased sensitivity of the skin;
  • with a reduction in sensitivity of a member through sexual contact.

The consequences of incorrect use is reduced sensitivity, problems with orgasm and arousal, insufficient hardness of the body. All this hinders the normal way to build a sexual relationship with the opposite sex.

But male reviews indicate that the harmful effect occurs only when the "excessive interest in the device" and its abilities. If the ability to cause the body harm not deterred, and the benefit seems obvious, then buy a vacuum pump in a sex shop, a specialized online store or pharmacy.


There are a number of diseases and conditions in which to enlist the help of the device affecting male penis vacuum is not worth it.

Contraindications the main contraindications include:

  1. Diseases of the heart and vessels of various origins.
  2. Disorders in the reproductive system, occurred on the background of infectious or inflammatory diseases.
  3. Pathology of urological nature.
  4. Problems with blood clotting.
  5. Violation of elasticity of the vessel wall (including thrombosis, atherosclerosis).
  6. Prolonged and painful erections.
  7. Varicose veins of the pelvis.
  8. Hypertension.
  9. Taking certain medications (check with doctor).
a penis pump

When you use vacuum pump for men the benefits and harms of its use depends not only contraindications, but also on the rules of operation of the device. If you consider all nuances, to renounce the use of pumps in the presence of contraindications and strictly follow the rules, then the risk of problems is extremely low.

If there's any hint of the presence of the above diseases or conditions, it is necessary to abandon the use of the pump and to give preference to another method to improve the potency and erectile function. Because of the increased risk to cause serious health harm and face the consequences. Eliminate their need surgery or long-term medical treatment.