How to increase male penis

The subject of a reverent attitude and pride of every man since ancient times, is the penis. As before, its thickness, and the length continues to excite its owner. However, not all tools designed to increase the size of manhood, effective.

Currently famous and spread six ways : physical exercise, pharmacology, surgery, stretching, vacuum pump, massage.


methods of penis enlargement

Quite a common myth. Mainly it is distributed by scammers in the Internet, because sending money benefit increase of a member, complaints from buyers they start to get about two months. After all, men have "savvy" — they know that the result from any exercise appears just around this period of time. The scammers, of course, unable to respond to the complaint in the sense that the man incorrectly performed exercise or a method did not fit this man.

With increasing number of complaints of such fraudsters, promising to increase the penis through exercise, quickly removed into oblivion. But not for long. After some time the Network will register the website on the same subject by the same author, but with new artwork, and deception will continue.

However, the correct application of this method still gives results, although not those expected. Special exercises the penis is not required — it will be enough visits to the gym, or Jogging, or swimming in the pool. The basic idea of the method lies in improving blood circulation, putting in order of level of hormones and metabolism.

Maybe someone is still unknown, but the male organ does not have muscles. It filled the cavernous and cavernous bodies. When it begins to happen, the process of erection, the bodies begin to fill with blood. Exclusively and therefore increases, both the diameter and length of the penis. Accordingly, the higher the flow of blood to the organ, the greater its size. Increase the penis can also to a certain limit, while it can do the cavernous and cavernous bodies.

It is because of the lack of body muscles to increase its size with exercise impossible. None of invented by the Japanese, Chinese and other gurus will not help in this matter. It is a myth. However done a man physical exercises, manual methods still some benefit it will bring. Because the prevention of diseases of the genital organs would not be harmed.


If you raise the question about pills, creams and ointments to be applied by men as topically and when taken orally, it must be said that all these drugs are increasing blood flow to this important body, only cause the erection. Although manufacturers of drugs and guarantee penis enlargement in a matter of days. According to their idea, the male organ should grow as a result of stimulation of the cells of the tissue located in the penis. That is, he shall rise at the stroke sort of a magic wand, and then for the same reason, reaching the desired result, stop.

Guaranteed effect not late, you just need more and harder to RUB myself. Yeah, he's not late because of the promised benefits will not! It is a myth. Of course, some positive result after the use of such means, will still be. The skin on the penis is silky smooth, like a baby.

Some gullible men all drink and the pill. And the edge of this gullibility is not visible. But the only sexual organ will not increase neither in length nor in thickness from uncontrolled taking dietary supplements or vitamins. And it is this, and are advertised pills that help to increase the size of the penis.

The benefits will be from them. Vitamin deficiency in men, increase your penis by the medication, of course, will not. Hair will Shine. But that's the subject of male pride, will not grow. Which side of the line does not apply.

how to increase the member

Even an artificial increase in the level of the male sex hormone in the blood will not be able to affect the growth of the penis. This is because the growth of the penis men ends in adolescence. Affect the increase in body such drugs are unable. Thus, using tablets in this issue is a myth.

Trust the widespread advertising of ointments on the plant components and food additives unreasonable. These tools are not more useful than animal fat, may earthworms or dried leeches, recommended in folk medicine. Individual stand growth hormones. Their application can be started only after consulting with your doctor. Their application will lead to disastrous results functional disruption of many internal organs.

An interesting fact is that catching muscle mass athletes, often suffer from reduction of the size of their genital members. In a situation associated with the presence of men underdevelopment of the penis, as a result of hormonal imbalance, the specialist may prescribe hormone injections. Such information should make people think parents of boys whose penis is obviously small. The boy at the age of ten years should have a penis with a length of three and a half centimeters. Children with underdeveloped sexual organs as soon as possible to show art. Hormonal correction, designed to increase the penis, is quite effective in childhood.


Significantly helps to solve this problem a method is today the only plastic surgery. It is the most safe and effective way to solve this problem. Plastic surgeon before surgery will definitely study the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the penis of the man who decided on surgery. For restoring the functionality of the penis after surgery with a plastic surgeon will follow the urologist.

Trying to increase the head of the penis, surgical methods should not use. The most dangerous surgical way to increase the head of the penis is to place between the special bodies and head is a special matrix. As a result of this surgical intervention can be damaging supplying blood vessels. That may result in necrosis and loss of head.

Less dangerous method of increasing the balanus consider injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid. In this way it is possible to increase the head of the penis by about thirty percent. This method is shown to men who have the head of the penis, situated in a quiet condition, looks in comparison with the body of a member is disproportionately small. The effect of such operations depends on the individual adaptive abilities of the male body.

On average, it lasts about a year. Then the gel begins to dissolve, and the procedure must be repeated. The cost of this procedure starts from $ 500. Confirmed information that the fillers reduce the sensitivity of the head are not yet available.

Dissatisfied with the volume of his penis patients spend lipofilling. This operation consists in introducing into the penis fatty tissue withdrawn from the patient. Surgery under local anesthesia. Its duration will not exceed one hour. During the operation vital organs are not affected. Serious complications is minimized.

After the procedure, the result will still be disappointing. Since no one working in this field specialists are not able to calculate the number of fat cells, which is guaranteed to survive. At best, they amount to about thirty percent. Resorption of implanted fat cells is uneven. The result will be a deformity of the male sexual organ.

surgery to increase the member

Additionally, after such an operation inflammation — very common. Nowadays, there are even clinics where such patients can help to remove remnants of the transplanted fat cells. In such institutions also try to give the penis.

Another method is the introduction of the organic matrix with the cells of the connective tissue man, in his penis. The idea of this method lies in the fact that the matrix is theoretically stimulate cell division, resulting in the penis increases in size. Such matrices are also prone to resorption during the year. Of course, such an operation could be done again, but it is very expensive. Another disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is a must being operated men within ten days in the hospital.

Similar to this surgery is another method of penis enlargement. It consists in placing under the skin of the penis flap of the rectus abdominis. This method also creates the additional volume of the penis. Some of the existing clinics offer their clients the transaction, when at the same time and lengthening and thickening the penis. This type of surgical intervention in most cases leads to shape deformation of the penis and a variety of other complications.

In addition, after any surgery on the penis, possible complications such as pain during erection, reducing the sensitivity of its head, wound infection, prolonged swelling, shortening, changing the angle of the penis in erection. Much bigger problem is that even increasing your sexual organ, only about thirty percent of men are pleased with the results. But more than half of all the men who passed through these trials, I wish to re-conduct the operation.

There are times when the penis "hides" in the fatty tissue of the pubic due to the short superficial fascia. In the course of such operations are performed by plastic ligaments of the penis, which helps its increase in length to four inches. However, this is fraught with the cutting of the ligament that is cut off is actually exactly what is responsible for the onset of erection. Sometimes this leads to the fact that the use of the catch phrase "the steadfast tin soldier" by the treated part of the body no longer succeed.

Effect of transplantation of adipose tissue will be temporary. It will depend on the rate of metabolic processes in the body. But after a certain time all will return into place. In modern plastic surgery side effects of surgeries like stretch marks or scars no longer applicable, however painful and simply unpleasant sensations in a few days the patient will be provided.

The price of such transactions is in the range of $ 1,000. In some cases, you should perform liposuction and the visual effect will be achieved. The cost of this procedure is about $ 200.

Surgical technique can easily be extended and itself long penis. But after the operation, a very important condition is the wearing of the extender. It should be noted that the break in wearing this device at least in a few months, would nullify all the efforts of the surgeons. So a good solution in this situation would be the initial purchase of the extender. Men need to understand whether he will be able to wear this device after the operation for a long period of time.

The result after this operation can also be influenced by the absence or presence of male hormonal problems. Preoperative examination determines the maximum erection as it shows the hidden potential of lengthening the penis. Using ultrasound to identify the hidden defects of the blood supply, tunica albuginea and the cavernous bodies. With such an operation, in most cases, using local anesthesia. In the hospital the operated men are not longer than a day, with a normal postoperative course. To predict in advance how increase the penis after this surgery is not possible.

means for penis enlargement

The implantation is carried out to those men who have after surgery to the bladder, the prostate and the rectum, disturbed erectile function. Most advanced prostheses are considered inflatable prostheses of variable stiffness. It should be noted that men with normal function of the penis, such operations unnecessarily.

The results obtained by surgical interventions, assess the absence of disorders in the urogenital area, the uniformity of thickening and the degree of lengthening of the penis. In conclusion, it is necessary to write about a sad but important fact – any of such operations will lead to the lengthening of the penis only in the quiescent state.