Exercises for penis enlargement

Contrary to popular belief, "inflate" the penis is impossible, but to ensure a growth effect with the help of special exercises is easy.

What you need to achieve results of penis enlargement?

Of course, you need to keep in normal working condition the body. But most importantly, you need to understand that achieving results takes time and regular practice.

exercises for penis enlargement

Do you need penile enlargement?

Well think before to start to "train". Exercises to reduce size no. We also recommend you to consult your doctor (excess can't be too careful).

Introduction to the technique of penis enlargement

Listed here the technique is ideal for those who have no time to devote every day at least one hour of regular training. These exercises will take you less than 5 minutes, but can increase your penis by 3 cm in a few months.

These exercises are convenient because you can do them several times a day. Do not hesitate to repeat them two or three times daily. The objective of this technique is the creation of voltage in a particular tissue by stretching the skin of the penis in an excited state. This not only makes the skin more elastic penis, but increases the volume of the chambers of the penis, called the corpora the corpora cavernosa. The increase in blood volume will lead to an increase in the total mass of your penis.

Manual exercises

Lubricate your penis. Sitting on the edge of the sofa or bed, start to stroke him, clasping around his thumb and forefinger. When moving hands from the base of the penis toward the head hold a firm grip, trying to stretch the skin.

Each time, returning to the base of the penis and slightly increase grip to hold as much blood in the penis. Then repeat the movement from the base to the head.

Gradually increase the speed of the movements, not weakening the grip. You should feel the excitement. Achieve full erection. Reaching one hundred percent erection again grab the thumb and forefinger of the penis at the base and try to keep the blood in the cavernous tissues of the penis.

Holding the grip at the base member, with the other hand grab it at the base of the head. Try to stretch the member as possible without discomfort. Stretch it to the right and hold for 10 seconds. Right then, the delay is 10 seconds. Now to the left, a delay of 10 sec. And finally, tilt the penis downward and again hold for 10 seconds. Repeat all four phases of the exercises four times with a delay of 10 sec. All the exercise you will need no more than 5 minutes.

After the exercise, relax the grip at the base of the penis. You should feel the blood start to leak. At this moment might happen ejaculation. Remember that the abundant lubrication and strong grip are the main precautions. In any case, your capture should not hamper the circulation. This technique should not cause you any pain or discomfort. If during exercise you feel pain, you should suspend classes, again carefully read the user manual.

The following tips will help you correctly complete your workouts. Heat and massage will improve results. Your testicles try to maintain the temperature at 34 degrees to ensure the viability of the seed. Warming up will help you fix any problems with nerves and sensitivity that might arise from your classes to increase. After a workout, gently massage your penis for several minutes. Optionally, you can use a herbal moisturizer.

After the massage you can apply hot compress or put your penis in a bath with warm water for a few minutes. These warm treatments will improve your circulation and help your penis recover from the exercises. Wipe the penis with a towel after the procedure.

A very effective method of sexual self-assertion men are special exercises for penis enlargement. They allow not only to change the length of the male organ and to improve erection. Success is guaranteed, provided daily lessons according to the schedule.

While we should not forget about safety precautions when carrying out such manipulations. Such a simple action can add additional inches to the size and self esteem for any man who is in need of it.

How do such training

Exercise of a certain kind can contribute to increase, as the length and diameter of the penis. Used in the data manipulations of the hand, a special device, the weights that my weight will pull the penis. At home men rarely use any fixtures, most of the exercises are performed 2-3 fingers of hands.

To begin any manipulation is with short workouts (10-15 minutes), after a period of increase (up to half an hour a day).

The most favorable time for the exercises is the morning and evening. The sharp transition to a more difficult level of classes is prohibited.

how to increase the member

Before you can use exercises to increase penis length, it is important to consult with your doctor. He will assist in the selection of manipulations that can be applied in a particular case, whether lessons Kegel or manual selection of therapy. The main thing is to adhere in the process of training — the regularity and caution, especially in the area of the head. It is important to understand that the result will not be instant, it takes a long, painstaking work.

On the principle of

When choosing an exercise, a man should realize for what purpose it is intended, will change the length or thickness of the penis. It is also important not to forget about the shortcomings and positive aspects to get a proper result. Most often classes are designed to influence the stimulation of blood flow to the tissues of the male organ as well as the activation of proliferation corpora cavernosa. In other words, the increase in size of the organ is produced by multiplying the volume content of blood passing through during erection.

Regarding size, it is normal for it to be considered, when the length of 13-18 cm, thickness 2-4 cm, these figures may vary, but if the length is less than 8 cm in the excited state, then it can be considered a pathology. With the problem correctly to consult a specialist who will help you choose solutions to the issue.

Preparation for training

Efficiency activities will depend on proper preparation. So, exercises for penis enlargement should start with a warm-up.

Such manipulations would allow:

  • to improve blood flow to the small pelvis and are located in this area;
  • to normalize the pressure in the penis;
  • reduce the possibility of the development injuries;
  • to avoid soreness after physical impact.

Thermal effect — that is the condition of correct training. This can be done through penis massage or take a warm bath.

The use of water treatment

Water treatments allow you to completely relax. It is recommended that before you begin your manipulations with the male organ, hold it in warm water a comfortable temperature (not above 43 degrees).

  • The filling of the bath.
  • Immersion to the waist.
  • Being in the water for about 5 minutes.

Replacement bath can be a shower. After water treatment wipe dry the penis, apply lubrication, you can now go to work.

Thermal massage

To perform the thermal effect is not difficult, for it will need hot water and a towel. Is exercise effective for increasing the male member in this way: a towel is rolled, moistened in water, wrapped around the phallus, starts rubbing. Efficient process lasts at least 5 minutes, then stops. After a short break, repeat again 3 more times. The period of influence does not change. Wrap body is not completely, leaving an open head.

Exercises to increase penis and their varieties

Inadequate penis size is a problem not only aesthetic, it interferes in the sexual life, in respect to himself, reducing the confidence of the resulting complexes. It plunges to the development of techniques that help to correct the pathology. Exercises for penis enlargement are at home, they are simple and painless, does not require costs, but yield good results.

Types of exercises

Among the many ways highlights those that stretch the fabric of manhood. This hanging weights, extenders, etc. Other increase blood flow, stimulate the stretching of the corpora cavernosa. these include special massage, belongings and baking soda, etc. All manipulations will be effective if you do them constantly.

Stimulation of blood flow

Benefits of exercises to increase male penis cannot be overstated. Among them:

  • Preventive measures congestive symptoms.
  • Improving erections.
  • The increase in the size of the penis.
  • Prophylaxis of male diseases.
  • Improving the quality of sex.
means for penis enlargement

But there are drawbacks, which is also worth know. This includes bruising, petechiae, bruising, weakening of sensitivity. However, such negative consequences can occur only in those men who incorrectly used the technique in particular on the head due to the thin layer of tissue and excessive force. Therefore, it is important not to forget about safety measures and caution.

Exercise tensile fabric

Are this kind of manipulation only sexual organ in its flaccid form.

Exercises for penis enlargement of such a plan have different complexity type:

  1. Taken head, gently pulled up, the man believes this to 10. Further caution is given to the left (10 seconds), the right to the same time period. Repeat the procedure twice a day for 5 minutes.
  2. The barrel member is placed in the palm, is taken with the fingers, the skin is pressed, the palm gradually ascends. This position must be held for 10 seconds. Slowly release, repeated at least 10 times.
  3. The penis is gripped in the fist of the left hand 1 cm above the base, the right hand should clasp the head. Careful movement of the penis is stretched in the opposite side: left hand bends down, the right up. To leave the body need stretching for 15 seconds. To repeat a day 5 approaches.

How to increase dick: exercises and technique for their implementation

Will help to answer the question of how to increase cock, exercises that are easy to perform at home. Today, how to perform them can be found in the literature, also in the detailed video that offer free, many Internet resources. Without special tools and simulators already for 6 months can add to the length of the manhood a few inches. It is more correct to use not just one technique, and to combine several.

Each target, especially such a serious, must have a clear plan. The scheme is based on these rules:

  • avoiding excessive stress on the penis;
  • avoiding excess pressure on the male member;
  • providing opportunities special body to adapt to training;
  • start exercises better by holding them through the day;
  • a month to add new exercises;
  • a gradual increase in density grip and compression;
  • caution, care perform technician;
  • the adjustment of the manipulation when necessary.

Approaching the process with the utmost seriousness, it is possible to experience how to increase the member, using simple exercises already in 5-6 months.

The penis should be in a relaxed state, for lubrication, you can apply the cream. This is the girth of the palm under the head. Then he stretches forward 5 seconds. Then returns to the starting position. A break of 2-3 seconds, repeat exercise to the right, to the left. When carrying out manipulations should not cause pain and discomfort.

A simple exercise based on these stages:

  • Achieve a full erection.
  • Legs apart wider than shoulder width, tense the muscles of the perineum.
  • Serially produced movement similar to a bell, i.e. vertical and horizontal.

Duration 1-2 minutes. Over time, the duration can be increased.

In other words, the pulling member. Is held 100% erection. The technique is to clench fingers in a tight circle, their movement to the head, the voltage should not decrease. The procedure takes 5-7 minutes. You can stay when there is an imminent ejaculation.

Kegel Exercise

Duration 5 minutes. With very tense muscles of the perineum, the position should be fixed. Then relax and repeat the tension. In order to understand what muscles are important to use in the process of urination delay spray. The same feeling will be when performing manipulation.

The bending member

Will help answer question how to make dick bigger exercises flexion. Such bending is carried out with extreme caution. If 50% of the excitement. Penis grasping hand is bending it in different directions.

If you do not have to feel the pain, if it is, is to stop the exercise.

It requires a simulator, it needs to pinch near the base of the penis. It is important to achieve a full erection, then a few minutes to clamp the member. Effective occupation in conjunction with other workouts.

testimony to the increase

Perform gymnastics with the force of the impact is thus:

  • to achieve the erect state;
  • to implement the movement, as in Masturbation;
  • before the peak of arousal tightly squeeze the penis near the glans with your fingers, making the ring;
  • not to press real hard to not allow the blood to flow;
  • to fix this situation for 5-7 minutes.

This procedure is aimed at preserving inside the man's body pressure, which stretches the erectile tissues fills with blood.