Increase glans penis

How to increase penis size? Men often ask this question, regardless of size, the thought on how to become more manly, comes to every man at least once in your life. Widespread concern about small penis has spawned a multimillion-dollar global industry in clinically unproven products to increase manhood. Although some are willing to accept, and others are ready to do anything to obtain the desired result.

Size matters

increase the head of the penis

Studies have shown that the size of the male genitalia may vary depending on the race, even nationality. These measurements are considered normal throughout the world:

  • length of penis: 14 cm;
  • the head of the penis: 4 cm

Measurements shall be carried out in a state of erection. A small head of the penis can be a serious obstacle for the normal sex act, not an object of pride. Indeed, the small size of the genitals causes problems with lack of confidence and communication, which, in turn, affect all spheres of life, including interpersonal relationships, career.

How to make the head larger

Some men are happy with the length of his member, but want to have a large girth. There is an opinion that she plays the most important role in sex. In the end, it is impossible to determine the most important part of the reproductive organ when it comes to sex. In addition, the increase of the glans penis usually occurs simultaneously with the increase of the shaft. The only way is surgery. All other methods aim to increase the entire body. Currently known methods:

  • surgery;
  • hormonal treatment;
  • special exercises;
  • tools for massage, medical device.

Only after consultation with a doctor becomes clear whether medical intervention if there are contraindications to the use of specific techniques.

Surgical methods

Surgery is indicated for patients with a small penis size when you need to increase it by a few centimeters. After the consultation with the surgeon, the patient will have to undergo a number of tests, to undergo a full medical examination, similar to preparing for any other surgery. The methodology is discussed with each person individually.

Often surgical procedures to change the appearance of the genitals represent the injection of subcutaneous fat taken from other parts of the body. Medical reports showed a slight difference changes the circumference 1,6-5,1 cm

However, calculations of positive impacts that were held for the people, decided on a radical change over a longer time, testify to the negative results, including disfigurement, scarring and infectious gangrene.


The surgeon puts a unique matrix under the skin of the genitals. This device resembles a small pillow. Its main task - the stretching of the skin in the genital area, providing the change in length. This method is quite common, although it can lead to certain complications.

The matrix is often rejected by the tissues, and this leads to inflammation of the genitals. In especially severe cases may develop gangrene, leading to amputation. Another potential problem with the matrix is pressure on important blood vessels. This leads to disruption of blood supply, prevents the filling of a member with blood during erection.

Another method still in the experimental stage, consists of a sequential stretching of the skin of the organ to wrap specialized frame made of biodegradable material filled with living cells around the base.

The use of biodegradable frames has a significant success rate, more than the simple filling in of fat mass. Cons of injectable treatments is that over time, the body will absorb it again, and this will lead to subsequent loss of results surgery.

The introduction of gel with hyaluronic acid

penis enlargement.

An alternative solution is to increase the head of the penis with hyaluronic acid, which is a very popular ingredient in cosmetics. The tool works the same as matrix, but it does not cause so many side effects.

The gel of hyaluronic acid similar to the natural composition of human skin, which virtually eliminates the possibility of rejection. Both methods described above provide almost instant effect. The difference in size of the organ will be obvious from the first day.

Pumping unnecessary deposits

The procedure for removal of fat under the belly can make the manhood more impressive. Removal of excess layers of fat around the pubis will cause the thickened member will become more prominent. The obtained results are usually impressive for fat people.

Pumping fat mass may lead to change in 3.7 cm in length in the short term, but the fat returns to the pubis, if the person is again gaining excessive weight. Operation for pumping of body fat can give a man confidence in himself, but in order for the effect maintained in the long term, you must reconsider your daily diet, to devote much time to physical training. However, as with all surgical interventions, the technique carries the risk of negative effects, the possibility of complications.

Hormone therapy

Another method of increasing the male genitalia is the use of hormonal drugs. Unfortunately, this method has more disadvantages than advantages. These drugs can be prescribed by a specialist only after hormonal screening. Treatment takes several months and results will be visible after 3 months. These drugs are quite expensive and have many side effects. For this reason, the volume variation member by this method is used very rarely.

The increase in using home methods

If you do not want to change the body drastically, you can try methods of increasing the glans penis at home. These include special methods of massage, exercise.

Extenders, vacuum pumps are the most popular devices to enhance the penis. Before buying and using these devices should consult with a specialist. They do not give significant contraindications, but their use should be discussed with your doctor.

Vacuum devices are shown often for use in the short-term treatment problems with impotence. But abuse can damage the skin, which leads to weak erections, pain during intercourse.

Extension cords provide uniform distributed activity that contributes to the gradual extension of the whole body. They can be worn at home, at work and in any convenient place. The device is easily hidden under clothes, does not cause significant discomfort. Vacuum pumps - a good way to increase the glans of the penis, as patients can control the effect yourself.

Pills and lotions

These funds typically contain a variety of Supplement growth, herbal, roots, pollen, which must increase virility. Despite their serious advertising in the media, there is absolutely no reasonable medical evidence that these lotions work, and some may even be dangerous for healthy potency.


How to increase the head of the penis with the help of the gym? Just performing exercises Jelcing. It is safe for men's health, but the effect remains as long as are gymnastic exercises on a regular basis.

The aim is to increase blood flow, stretch the tissue, thereby increasing the size. It is best to perform exercises using special creams to increase genitals or gels. The complex should be completed within 12-15 minutes every day. The first effect will be visible after a week.

Another effective exercise is the compression of the shaft. A hand seized on sluggish and slowly increase the pressure until the maximum hardness. Relax hand to the body became sluggish again, and then repeat the complex. This will enlarge the glans of the penis, contributes to a more difficult erection.

methods of penis enlargement

Although many worried that their dignity is too low, studies show that most of them are considered normal. Before you choose one of these methods, you need to weigh all the risks, the cons are the extension of the head.