Surgery penis enlargement: how to pass, how much is

Some men may experience the need for such procedures as surgery to increase a member. In recent years it has become especially popular, as was developed by the newest methods of correction of the size of the male sexual organ which are affordable and safe. Carry out this operation according to the patient's indications. If no doctor has the right to refuse a man in surgical intervention.

Indications and contraindications

how to increase the member

The cost of surgery to increase the penis interested in men who are unhappy with the size of their own penis. Get to know her and to get advice about the feasibility of this procedure by a doctor-andrologist. Many doctors that spetsializiruyutsya in this area, claim that men with penis size 11-14 cm should not do the operation because they could live a normal life with such authority. Other things men with micro penis. They are deprived of the opportunity to have sex and to enjoy the process. So to solve their problem maybe surgery.

There are the following indications for surgery to increase penis:

  • Congenital abnormalities, for example hypospadias or epispadias.
  • Mechanical damage to sexual organ.
  • Syndrome micro-penis.
  • Age-related structural changes in the tissues of the penis.

Doctors do not increase a member of men who have this procedure there are real contraindications. Surgery to increase manhood is prohibited under these conditions:

  1. Diseases of the genital and urinary systems.
  2. Chronic disease who are in the acute stage.
  3. Infringement of process of coagulability of blood.
  4. Malignant tumors in the body.
  5. Diabetes.

Before the surgery, the patient must be verified for the presence of contraindications to surgical intervention.

How is the augmentation of a member

Potential patients are interested not only in how much is surgery to increase length and thickness of the penis, but they also want to see the stages of the procedure. This can be done while viewing videos on medical portals. In addition, the answers to these questions a man will give his doctor.


Before surgical intervention, regardless of its type, it is required to conduct training. First and foremost, the surgeon who will carry out a plastic surgery must ensure that no patient contraindications. This man should undergo a complete examination at the clinic. The doctor will prescribe a direction to all the required diagnostic procedures.

Mandatory the patient is examined by a urologist, and gives blood and urine. You want to check for HIV and hepatitis.

The progress of the operation

The course of action of the surgeon depends on what type of intervention needed to the patient. All operations on increase of a member are on a standard plan. These moments a man can discuss with your doctor the stage of preparation for the procedure.

Increase the penis in length
Surgery Installation of the prosthesis
The procedure provides for an increase in member by cutting the supporting ligaments. The operation is performed under General anesthesia.

The doctor makes an incision in the suspensory ligament of intimate organ. She is immersed in the cavity of the pelvis and attached to his bones. Penis enlargement is achieved due to the release of his inner part.

After dissection of the ligament, the surgeon pulls out the hidden part of the penis. The resulting wound is simply sutured.

surgery to increase the member

Order made in the course of the operation the result is preserved after the procedure the man will need to use the help of the extender.

One of the challenging procedures aimed at increasing the parameters of manhood. All because it requires a lot of time and money. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia. The doctor makes an incision on the penis to get access to the spongy bodies. After this cavity is inserted a prepared implant. It can be inflatable, plastic, or hard. Latest today is not very popular.
The increase in the thickness of the penis
Lipofilling Hyaluronic acid injections Muscle transplantation
The operation done by a surgeon after the patient is administered General anesthesia. The original is a collection of cells in the place where they observed the greatest number. After that biological material is being purified. The result is fats that are further injected into the sexual organ. After the surgery, sterile dressing is applied.

The operation takes about 60 minutes.

This method of increase is difficult to call the surgery. Its essence lies in the introduction into the sexual organ of the patient hyaluronic acid. The effect of the procedure lasts not more than 6 months. Then required the additional manipulation. Muscle transplantation requires the prior capture of part of the rectus muscle, which is part of the abdominal wall. The doctor wraps her cock, and then sutured to the vessels. Through such operation, an increase in the thickness of the penis for 3-4 cm

The postoperative period

The duration of postoperative period depends on the complexity of the operation, which helps to change the size of the penis. If the man underwent surgery, in the hospital, he'll have to stay after it no longer than 1 day. All this time the urologist will be able to monitor the patient's condition. He will also explain to him the principle of using additional apparatus to increase the length of the member.

The man prescribed taking analgesics and antibacterial drugs. After discharge, he must periodically visit a doctor's office, so that he could monitor the healing process of injured during the operation, tissues.

After installation of the prosthesis the rehabilitation period lasts much longer. The patient takes antibiotics. He has a time to refrain from exercise and sex. The first 2 days the patient spends in bed. After 10 days they have the opportunity to return to a normal life.

At the end of the procedure the patient is required to stay in hospital for only 1 night, and then, if there are no complications, he will be discharged. The whole rehabilitation process takes about a month. All this time the man will have to take prescribed medications and to refrain from intense physical exertion, including sexual intercourse.

After muscle transplantation, a man has to stay in the hospital no more than 2 days. Then he can go home. Periodically, the patient is required to visit the doctor, that he inspects the injured area. Need to take my meds and take special measures to maintain intimate places clean.

Possible complications

Modern medicine offers men advanced technique of penis enhancement. Therefore, most transactions are without complications. However, the likelihood of adverse effects is not ruled out. Complications can occur due to errors of the surgeon or patient non-compliance with rules for the care of the male sexual organ.

After surgical intervention, the aim of which is to increase penis size, you may experience the following complications:

  1. Sharp pain during the onset of erection.
  2. Bleeding during urination.
  3. Infection of the tissues.
  4. The precarious situation of the penis during sex.
  5. The decrease of the degree of sensitivity head on.
  6. Discomfort during intercourse and after it.

About similar problems is required to immediately inform your attending physician to be able to eliminate them.

Some men who have gone through surgery to increase a member, complain to other unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Chronic pain in the dick.
  2. Dark spots and bruises on her private parts.
  3. Inflammation of the skin.
  4. The deformation of the member.
  5. Erectile dysfunction is permanent or temporary.

Such troubles can be avoided if you trust your health to competent professional with extensive experience in conducting surgical procedures on the penis.

How to choose a clinic for an operation

the cost of penis enlargement

Men should seriously approach the process of choosing a clinic in which he can do the surgery for penis enlargement. It is not necessary to agree to the procedure in the first institution, as a hasty decision can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Men often try to save money, so choose a clinic that offers the minimum cost for the operation on the member. It's not the best solution. It is better to focus not on price but on the quality of the services provided and the reputation of the medical institution.

In the process of selecting a suitable clinic, it is recommended to read reviews about a particular place, employees who spetsializiruyutsya on the augmentation of manhood. Additionally you need to examine your existing companies certificates and permits to conduct medical activities.

How much is surgery for penis enlargement

The answer to the question about how much a particular augmentation of the penis, can be obtained at the clinic, which specializiruetsya on such procedures. Penis make longer and thicker using different methods. Each of them has its own value. Approximate prices given below:

  • For the operation the man have to pay from 200 to 1000 thousand dollars.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections cost to the patient 400 to $ 450.
  • The cost of the prosthesis is in the range from 3000 to 4000 thousand dollars. On it has significant impact on the price of the prosthesis.
  • Lipofilling in most hospitals is from 400 to 4,000 dollars.
  • The cost muscle transplantation is limited to the amount of 2,500 to 4,000 dollars.

The operation, which aims to increase the length or thickness of the penis in men, is a complex and costly procedure. Before you decide on it, you want to carefully consider this question. Also worth a visit of a specialist to accurately verify the feasibility and safety of surgical interventions on the penis.