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Every year in the life of a teenager is important. In this paper we consider the important question of what should be the size of a member in 16 years? Are there any rules? What to do if a geometric figure is not the same as them? Details.

Physiological development

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Before talking about the size of the penis at the age of 16, it is necessary to say a few words about the physiological development of the adolescent.

This age is the peak of puberty. The girls actively begin to grow hips. Nature has so that the body gradually prepared for basic reproductive functions, fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. The boys hips remain virtually unchanged in size, but actively begin to expand the humerus.

Many adolescents have a beard. Normally, the first bristles should appear in age from 15 to 17 years. Due to insufficient or increased production of the male hormone, this may occur earlier or later. He also notably the voice will become rough.

With regard to the genital organs, by that age, they start to noticeably increase in volume and in length. Along with this comes the formation of the foreskin. For boys this period is the most exciting. They are interested in the question of whether they fully ripen and what a normal penis size at age 16?

Maturation of the reproductive system

Doctors say that normal active development of the penis supposed to start at 14-16 years. In rare cases, it happens earlier in 10-12 years. We will complete this phase by the age of 17. Although, if the development of the reproductive system lasts 20-25 years, it is also the absolute norm. Just to highlight a few factors that can affect this process.

  • Individual peculiarity of the organism and heredity. Often the boys "walk in the footsteps" of their fathers and grandfathers. If there are any injuries of the reproductive system, it can have a significant impact on the further development of its formation.
  • The presence of chronic diseases. This factor can significantly affect the full development of the baby. This applies in particular to disorders of the endocrine system. Because of this broken production of the hormone testosterone and slow down the process of becoming a man.

In penis size at age 16 affects the way of life. Excessive consumption of fatty foods, Smoking and alcohol impede the full development. Proved full of boys "dignity" might look a bit less than skinny. This is due to the strong growth of fat. However, this is only visually. As soon as he lose weight, the penis will again reach the normal range.

Examining the table, we can understand what should be the average penis size at age 16. Absolutely the norm for this period is a length of 4-5 cm in a relaxed state and 10-11 cm in active.

Medical specialists were established error, which equates to 2-3 cm in the smaller or big party. That is, if the erect penis is 8 or 14 cm, then it is not a pathology. It is worth noting that by the age of 18, the member can not only grow, but also decrease due to the increase in volume.

When to see a specialist?

Aged 14 to 17, each teenager must make a scheduled visit to the doctor-urologist. The specialist will determine the correctness of the reproductive system. Unscheduled control it is needed in the following cases:

  1. Significant deviation from the norm – more than 3 cm. that is, if penis size at age 16 has not reached 8 cm.
  2. The absence or cessation of secondary signs of development: puberty is is actively progressing, the member absolutely does not increase in length. In this case, treatment is not required because the activity forming member may increase and decrease from year to year, but constant monitoring is still needed.
  3. The appearance of pain when urinating. This disease can indicate the presence of an inflammatory process that may affect the full development of the boy.
  4. The acquisition of the sexual organs twisted shape.

Every parent should know about how penis size at age 16 should be the teenager. Only the timely identification of problems and selection of proper treatment will ensure its full development.

Power correction

Surprisingly, penis size at age 16 can impact a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. There are a number of products that contain substances that have a positive effect on the reproductive functions of the boy. These include:

  • All kinds of seafood.
  • Fatty fish, especially salmon.
  • Greens.
  • Nuts. To a greater extent is to use walnuts is a grade.
  • Asparagus.
  • Garlic.
  • Pumpkin seeds, sesame and sunflower.

In addition, the teenager should avoid bad habits and at least 2-3 times a week to perform moderate physical activity.


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The penis is a set of muscles. If properly inflated, it can significantly increase in size. To achieve the desired result will allow the exercise "stretching".

You want to clasp on at the base with two fingers (thumb and forefinger). To hold a tight ring up to the head and locked in this place for 15 seconds. Then you can relax. Required to perform at least 10 repetitions 3 times a day.

Massage helps to increase phallus on 5-7 see Also, if you do it regularly, to improve blood circulation and increase potency. In the future man will get stronger in intimacy and erection quality will improve noticeably.

It is necessary to lubricate the penis with lube and perform a stroking motion for 10 minutes. Another effective method is rubbing two palms.

Important. Massage and exercise can only be performed in the absence of contraindications, it is recommended to discuss this with a specialist.

A positive impact on penis size at age 16 and specialized equipment. They are absolutely safe for the health of the men only if there is a slight lag from the norm – up to 5 cm.

The most common among the strong half of mankind is the extender. There is a perception that with its help it is possible to increase not only length but also volume management.

Another popular device. The main advantage is compactness. It can be worn under clothing imperceptibly.

When needed surgical intervention?

In some cases, lengthening of a member requires an operation. Surgical intervention required if:

  • The size of the penis lags far behind the norm.
  • Other methods have not helped to achieve a positive dynamics.

From anatomy we know that the member is not only outside but under the skin. There the "hiding" of about 3-5 cm of the base. The goal of surgery – removal of the missing value out.

It is worth noting that the doctors in very rare cases decide to hold a similar event for Teens. They tend to use a more gentle techniques in order not to disrupt the reproductive functions of the future men.

The length and volume of the penis is a very important indicator, which not only affects the quality of sex life, but also on the body. Need to examine the question of how equal the normal size of penis in 16 years. The apparent deviations from the norm need to see a specialist. A similar question does physician specialization in urology.

The growth of the penis the average goes up to 17 years (other sources: up to 20-22 years, i.e. until the end of puberty). In 17 years, the penis reaches its maximum length, which is then slightly reduced. 18, when the thickening of the penis, its length is on average reduced to 0.5 cm.

Before puberty, the size and shape of the penis change very little. Starts this period, each in different ways — some earlier, some later.

Normal puberty starts from 9 to 14 years. At this time there are secondary sexual characteristics:

  • increased growth of hair on the face and over the penis;
  • begin enlargement of the penis — in length and a little in thickness;
  • fully developed foreskin;
  • changes the skin of the penis and scrotum;
  • increase testes, and so on.

Sexual maturity is embracing the period of life during which the body, reaching the morphological and functional development, are able to reproduce offspring.

Puberty boys starts on average at 10-11 years. 13-14 years is the formation of the skeleton through the male type. In the 15-16 years begin to appear wet dreams (nocturnal ejaculation). In the 18-22 years are almost completely end the processes of bone growth.

It is known that puberty in boys occurs as a result of the outbreak of intense hormonal activity of the gonads, mainly testes, the function of which, however, is in close cooperation with the work of other internal secretion glands, coordinated work of which are regulated by the nervous system.

In the period of intensive sexual maturation in adolescents raises a number of profound changes of a somatic and psychic nature. The beginning of this period is characterized by the appearance of pronounced secondary sex characteristics, including enlargement of the penis, testicles.

Simultaneously, begin to appear a short, mild erections and pollutions. The prostate and seminal vesicles, gradually starting to function, grow in size.

To secondary sexual characteristics in men also includes the appearance of vegetation on the face, in the armpits and on the pubis, the nature of which has its own characteristics. Pubic vegetation appears in the form of long pointed wedge, reaching toward the navel.

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Along with these signs in boys there is a definite change in the tone of voice, which becomes lower and rough. The latter is associated with the fact that in this period there is an increase in the thyroid cartilage of the larynx and ossification of its parts. The most characteristic is the increase in mass of skeletal muscles themselves, the bones of the skeleton, i.e. there is a more pronounced development of the musculoskeletal system.

About the delay of sexual development of the boy can say, if after 14 years he has no signs of puberty. Of course, this delay does not necessarily indicate any deviation: perhaps later development is characteristic of this family. In this case it would be about the so-called constitutional delay of sexual and physical maturation, which occurs in more than half of the cases. These adolescents before puberty there is usually a perfectly normal growth rate. And the growth spurt and puberty occur after 15 years.

But sexual development may also delay or disrupt and various diseases. Some of them accompanied by violation in the production of hormones. For example, in the presence of tumor, the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls puberty), the child's body may decrease the content of gonadotropins — hormones that stimulate growth of the genital organs (or production of these hormones ceases in General). Some chronic diseases (such as diabetes, kidney disease and others) can also delay puberty.

Signs that cause suspicion on the delay of sexual development of the adolescent, are as follows: figure khila, limbs relatively long, waist too high, often the hips wider than shoulders. Typically, as the deposition of subcutaneous fat on the chest, waist, abdomen. The sexual organs are not developed member less than 5 cm, no folding and long scrotum, pubic and armpits doesn't grow hair, no pollutions. If you mark at least some of these signs, man must necessarily show the doctor, and to show it should at the same time perseverance and tact (he's very shy about his own shortcomings!).

Treatment of late puberty depends on its cause. As a rule, it is a complex procedure that includes (after the survey) the use of drugs, biologically active agents, physiotherapy and medical and psychological correction. Parents of the future men need to keep in mind that the late diagnosis of delayed puberty can lead to infertility, not to mention the violation of psycho-emotional state of a teenager. The treatment started in adolescence, gives a great chance of success, although it takes at least 2-3 months.