Penis enlargement.

In our time the normal size of manhood is considered to be fourteen or eighteen inches in length. The average indicators for the Russian men, in principle, fit into these figures, but still there are those who for its size is not satisfied. Reasons why men go for penis enhancement, there are many. But the most common among them is the dissatisfaction of the female partner. Besides, when a man has the dignity of impressive dimensions, it takes pride. So some of them are solved at the operation of this plan.

During the operation, you can either lengthen the penis, or to make it thicker. Although some patients wish to spend a combined operation.

Thickening of the penis

surgery to increase the member

Surgery for thickening of the penis hold much more than its elongation. This is directly related to the fact that the diameter of a woman's vagina can be quite a bit more than the dignity of her partner. In this case, he is never able fully to satisfy. And after surgery for thickening the penis begins more actively to stimulate the vaginal wall, and thereby allows the woman a lot faster to orgasm.

Today, there are three options of realization of such operations:

  • Migration under the skin of the penis a small portion of the rectus abdominis muscle with preservation of blood flow axis. This site member is wrapped during the operation, along its length. Such a graft is considered to be very reliable, because the blood supply is preserved. This is because the integrity of this area of the rectus muscle is not a bit disturbed, as it unfolded along the length of the penis. On top of that the fact that the micro-anastomoses are absent, significantly reduces the risk of any complications after surgery. After this surgery, the experts strongly recommend six months to completely eliminate all physical activity. This is necessary in order to prevent the herniation in a patient.
  • Enlarge penis with implant under his skin, skin-fat patches, which withdrew from the buttocks of the patient. But this method has one drawback – lysis of adipose tissue that was transplanted. Such cases are observed in seventy percent of the cases. Also the wounds, which appeared during the operation, may eventually start to rot and the epithelial tissue of the penis can become deformed over time. The only advantage of this procedure is the aesthetic appearance of the site on which the operation is carried out (all the scars are well camouflaged).
  • Transplantation of the small area of muscle, which is located in the anterior chest wall. In this case, the scar will be arm and almost not be noticeable, which is not true of the rumen during the operation for transfer of the plot of the rectus abdominis muscle. But the disadvantage of this procedure is still available – a considerable risk of tissue necrosis that were transplanted. This may be due to the fact that the vessels of the anterior abdominal wall and the muscular vessels are stapled, which may lead to later thrombosis of the vascular pedicle of the transplant.

In any case, each of the methods described above thickening manhood has its pros and cons. What kind of methods to choose from, you certainly will tell a highly qualified specialist.

Penis enlargement

There are three options lengthening penis:

  • Surgical.

    There are several ways to penis enlargement by surgery. One is to increase the hanging men's dignity by reducing his special Department. This can be achieved due to the fact that the elements of the ligaments that hold the penis in the area of the perineum, intersect. In fact, during this kind of operations the true size of a member does not change, but merely redistributed its length.

    Another method of surgical intervention is the analysis of the male sexual organ into components. Subsequently, this analysis of implanted cartilage of ribs of the patient or special synthetic implant. The desired effect is achieved by the natural elasticity of some parts of manhood.

    Another way is implantation of a prosthesis of greater length in a special space. While the tunica albuginea is applied to small cuts. But this approach does not allow to achieve the maximum effect in lengthening the manhood, it just normalizes erectile function.

  • With regard to non-surgical methods of penis enlargement, we have to talk about this device as an extender. I'm sure many have heard about it. Using this method you will have the opportunity to increase the member in the erect condition, and calm. This is a huge advantage over other methods involving surgical intervention. Doctors can recommend a variety of manual exercises, hanging, and General and local hormone therapy.
  • Combined. The method represents the first stage surgery, allowing subsequently to make more male organ, and in the second phase to finish up non-surgical method, that is, the use of the extender. This technique is most often used in practice than other methods. It allows you to enlarge the penis approximately four inches in length.