Exercises to increase penis

The modern world provides a huge variety of ways and methods to increase manhood. Some of them are really effective, and deserve attention, the other way around, wasted time, and lack of a positive result.

Generally, all methods can be divided into operating, when used in surgery; bezoperatsionnye – exercises to enlarge the penis, various devices; complex – after the surgery wearing the extender, performing stretching exercises of the penis.

how to increase the member

Clearly, surgery is dangerous, expensive and painful; special devices for manhood require investment of financial resources, it is not known, they are suitable in a particular situation or not. But the various exercises are the best option that does not require cash infusions, and only men.

However, workouts by own hands to increase the size of the penis much. In this regard, it is necessary to consider the massage of penis and its correct implementation, to learn about the expected effect. In addition, familiarize yourself with the method of increasing the head of the penis.

Massage: General characteristics

Rubbing the penis in the home will help to cope men with a modest size, and return the confidence. However, this technique has its own characteristics and rules that must be followed. Massage has the following advantages:

  • The procedure is performed with your own hands, in a familiar and home.
  • Massaging the penis not only increases its length and thickness, but also increase male power.
  • Through this technique increases sexual stamina in bed.
  • If you follow all the rules and guidelines, then eliminates the likelihood of side effects.

The last item should be treated very carefully. Doing massage at home, you need to follow all the instructions that define the one or the other technique. In addition, should adjust their gain, in particular, the load on the sexual organ so as not to hurt yourself.

As to the effectiveness of the massage was the maximum, it is recommended to add:

Specialized cream which also helps to increase manhood, it has sliding properties, which ensures minimal risk of injury.

Vitamin complexes and nutritional supplements for growth of a member.

Dick massage to increase home should be done only after warm up of the penis. You can use the common towel, wet it with hot water and wrap the penis for 10 minutes. In turn, without touching various techniques, massage can be divided into two types:

  • Workout, which uses a special cream or lubricant providing sliding movements (recommended for beginners).
  • Exercises on a dry body by means of a stretching member with his hands.

Before you begin training, you must study a collection of different exercises, read reviews of the representatives of the stronger sex, to view a video demonstrating the correct execution.

Because it is perfect and correct execution is the key to success and the desired result in the near future, which will last a lifetime.

Instructions for the exercise

methods of penis enlargement

It should be noted that as with any situation, massage has two sides: the first is the growth of manhood with the right execution, and the second – wrong and strong physical movement to the penis can hurt, as a result will have to postpone classes for an indefinite period of time.

Technique exercises with lubrication:

  1. To take a comfortable position: you can sit on a chair, feet shoulder width apart, or lie down on a flat surface, having enclosed under a back some pillows.
  2. Applied to the penis a lubricant, to bring themselves up to 70-80% erect state.
  3. Wrap it around the base of his penis with two fingers: index and ring, folded them in the letter "O".
  4. Further, the fingers need to stretch up towards the head of the authority.
  5. When the hand reaches the head, it should rhythmically to replace the second hand to repeat the motion.
  6. The exercise duration is 15-20 minutes to do one workout 50-100 movements of the first two weeks, gradually increasing the number of approaches.

To achieve the long-term effect penis enlargement at home, you need to do every day, several times a day. Video reviews of men suggests that there is an increase not only length but also thickness of the penis.

After analyzing numerous information, it is safe to say that visual penis enlargement is visible in the second month of training on a regular basis. After sliding massage goes correctly and no longer causes various issues on the implementation of technology, it is necessary to combine with the first exercise the second. Features dry tensile member at home:

  • To perform the exercise on the penis, additional lubrication is not necessary.
  • Habitual movements to bring themselves up to 80% erections, maybe a few less.
  • All the movements are repeated as in the first exercise with a difference: for the first time is to do 30-50 repetitions.
  • In addition, you need to be careful and measure the amount of pressure, as there is additional lubricant, facilitating movement.

Preferably, before performing the exercise to see the numerous videos of men, where they share secrets perform and demonstrate their results to increase the length and thickness.

How to increase your penis head?

Opinion polls show that the size of the head of the penis plays an important role for men. Relying on them we can say that more than 65% of men actively looking for ways to increase exclusively the head of the genitals.

If it is possible to increase penis size at home, then there are options that will cope with the increase in the head of the penis. To begin the exercise, you must first apply to a member of the grease, bring myself to 100% erection, then the increase is carried out in accordance with three stages:

  1. Firmly squeeze the entire hand base of the penis closest to the body, locked in this position for 15-20 seconds. If done correctly, the man will notice how the head is bright purple and swell from the blood.
  2. Repeat the previous step, jamming on about 20-30 times.
  3. Next, we need simultaneously to embrace the base member with one hand and the second hand is all fingers on the head. The action is carried out simultaneously shrinks the base and the head, then locked in this position for 10 seconds.
  4. At last, the final stage you need to sit on chair, feet on width of shoulders. To take up the erect body, and begin to apply light blows with a head on his right thigh, and then on the left. Enough 10-15 strokes on each thigh.

Such a complex workout, you can find various videos on the Internet. In addition, the video will familiarize a man with the tricks of execution, as well as talk about the results that should be expected.

exercises for penis enlargement

The experience and practices of men show that this world there is nothing impossible if there is a desire to achieve a particular goal. Therefore, if one exercise does not help to increase the penis, do not panic and drop a class, you need to pay attention to other ways that are time tested and proved its effectiveness.