How to increase penis?

So arranged that a man is not always satisfied with what he has. The girl, being the owner of magnificent forms, is constantly trying to lose weight - the endless dieting and exhausting workout.

Or with curls, she always uses a straightening iron to straighten. Are dissatisfied with their appearance not only the fairer half of society. It concerns and men.

the increase in member

Perhaps the most common problem of the representatives of a strong half of society - the small size of the penis. The second most common problem is the potency. As you know, these two topics are interrelated. So the question in the world wide web: "How to increase penis?" quite often. Everyone knows the saying "sex In the USSR was not" testified not about the actual absence, otherwise we would be with you now there. Most likely it is evidence of the ignorance of society in these topics. To this day, if the school and planned to introduce lessons on sex education, it often remains only in plans. Because it immediately raises the question of how such material is to present it correctly.

Adaptation of foreign literature and textbooks from us is a shock, as it is too blatant. Although, strictly speaking, this shameful or terrible. If this matter was required to study, perhaps, few would be people who are dissatisfied with their appearance. Needless to say that with modern technology and development of the world wide Web, humanity in the truest sense of the word "threw" in the flow of information. And even if a confident person is sometimes lost in the abundance of material, what then to speak about those who is not.

The Internet presents a lot of information sometimes is not accurate. Check out this is not possible. So many people to the end of life continue to rely on the original incorrect information. And as a result, teenagers are not asking for advice from their elders, they simply enter a question into a search engine, and immediately find out what their ancestors at the time could only guess. And it is here that many fall into the trap of not only not true, how much exaggerated information.

And this, in turn, negatively affects not only the sexual life, but also in the attitude. Many who had seen the video or had read not quite the right information, developing the complex. After all, the fact that the show sometimes doesn't match up with real numbers. That is why men want to know how to enlarge the penis. Many, probably even with lessons on biology, it is known that a member - a body composed entirely of cavernous fibers. When filled with blood, marked increase in these tissues.

How much increases on the size, thickness and circumference (girth), it is quite another matter. It is inherent nature. Then the result will vary, sometimes significantly. According to statistics, more than 70% of men - holders of members, which increase during erection in length, and more than 15% of men - holders of authority, which is increased in width. To foresee, what will be the penis during arousal, based on its thickness or length in the unexcited state is almost impossible.

During the measurements the penis is important to consider a few nuances. Member was in full arousal, the temperature should be around 22 degrees. Length is measured along the back of the penis, from the pubes to the head. Between the body and the penis needs to remain straight angle. The girth measuring tape. Penis size - the theme is quite topical among men. Over the last few hundred years conducted research aimed at definition of the rule member. Similar studies conducted in different countries. It was found that the length and width is determined by genetic predisposition.

Now more about normal size of penis:

  1. If the size of the penis in length equal to eight centimeters, then this so-called "micro-penis". According to statistics, this dignity is endowed with 1% of the representatives of a strong half of society.
  2. A small dick is an organ reaching a length of 8-12 inches. Such a body possesses two percent of the male population of the planet.
  3. Normal is a member, whose length is 12 cm in size is endowed with 55% of men.
  4. A penis whose size is over fifteen inches is above average.
  5. Representatives of the strong half of society, whose penis length is 20 cm, are the owners of an impressive penis.

If you are among those people who could not resist and measured your body, but in the end you are left unsatisfied with the result, here's a little material on an impressive scale.

  • The greater is the size of the penis, the greater should be the amount of blood that comes to him. The only way to bring the body to the desired configuration.
  • Even a minor outflow, can have a negative effect on erection and, consequently, the quality of sex.
  • The formation of on ends about 18 years. After that, any changes to its width or length - not more than an optical illusion.
  • The reduction member may be due to excess weight. On average, every five extra pounds "steal" inch penis. Again, all changes visually, in fact, the body remains unchanged.
  • Shrink penis really (not visual effect) can. And due to this, as a rule, lowering the level of androgens. For example, bodybuilders who use drugs that trigger the hormonal imbalance, most often face such problem as reduction of the penis, and during erection.
  • Reducing the penis can be due to incorrect and failed surgeries in his elongation. The culprit could be either lack of professionalism of the surgeon, or physiological characteristics.
methods of penis enlargement

The depth of the vagina thinks not every, but rather most people not know about it, and for the first time engaging in sexual intercourse, only know about one magnitude. The average depth of the vagina is 10 cm. This suggests that for normal sex penis size of 15 inches, is enough. The vaginal tissues elastic, they allow you to adapt to a certain length and width.

They allow us to deliver the partner all the time more pleasure. Constant change of sexual partners is discouraged, because it affects the sensitivity and does not benefit the fairer half of society. Of course, size matters. And this applies not only to the length of the penis but also its thickness. But to say with certainty how people fit together without checking for the. In addition, do not forget that sex - the art of understanding, not just width, length and depth.

To increase manhood. Although the achievement of positive results sometimes take years. Penis enlargement - the process is time-consuming and laborious, but very real. Today, there are many way and techniques to enlarge the penis. Some of them are more effective than others. In any case, the choice of methodology is up to you. The main thing to see with all the details of the chosen method.

To increase penis with the help of surgery and folk remedies and special devices.

To lengthen the body using stretching, weights, pumps, special exercises, medicinal drugs and home remedies, in particular soda. Will help in solving the problem and cosmetics, including creams. Most importantly, before you apply a particular technique to get acquainted with its technique. We need this in order to prevent mechanical trauma and the development of complications.

Penile enlargement at home: popular methods

Methods and techniques that increase the penis, there are plenty. Many of them can easily be applied at home. It is not necessary to resort to medical assistance, particularly the help of plastic surgeon.

Besides, penile enlargement at home will cost exactly as much as the tool with which you will carry out the procedure. The cost of surgical methods is very high. One of the most common techniques for penis enlargement massage. Reviews about it are extremely positive. Many who used this method managed to achieve. To make it clearer, under a massage is meant a set of exercises, the implementation of which has a beneficial effect on the penis. Special exercises contribute to a significant increase in the penis and increasing the head. This technique has absorbed the skills of manual elongation of the penis that people have accumulated over several millennia.

The use of massage promotes:

  • stimulate blood circulation;
  • increased pressure inside the body;
  • the growth of the cavernous fibers;
  • the formation of new cells in the volume.

The growth of cells - the process is completely natural and natural. The method only helps in the launch and promotion. Besides, massage helps to significantly increase sexual activity and endurance. There are various massage techniques. They are different only in the details. The principle of one - "milking". The main movement is a dense girth of the fingers of the member at the base and moving the hand forward to the head. Cock, stretching, filling up with blood.

With the goal of successful exercise you want to purchase a cream or spray. It will help in accelerating the achievement of results. To carry out certain techniques lubrication is not needed. Pay attention to it when choosing a method. Don't skimp on the grease, otherwise you will RUB the sexual organ. In addition, such savings are fraught with lacerations and inability to practice massage in the coming fortnight.

It is not necessary to replace specially designed tools soap, shampoo or other formulations. This might lead to discomfort and injury. Enlargement of the penis using this technique is possible only in the case of finding the body in a semi excited state. Conducting the exercise in full arousal is fraught with damage to the vessels and tissues of the body.

Technique 1. After spreading the lubricant, grasp the member with his hand and swipe the barrel a couple of times, with a few seconds hold compressed her hand on her head.

This is the first stage - preparation. If you don't need, you can proceed to the next stage - holding exercise.

Grasp the penis at the base of a large forefinger. Gently pull on down. Do this two hundred times. Of course, it will be difficult, so when the Overdrive is better to abort the exercise. Once the penis takes the necessary degree of arousal can continue. Full course - three months. In the first week do a daily for ten minutes (usually ten minutes) for the second - 300 (15 minutes). Do exercise for twenty minutes.

how to increase the member

Tech 2. Brushing the body, grasp his hand at the base and pull down and to the right. Then do the exercise in the other direction. First do the exercise slowly. Per day do 50 movements to the right and the same left. Every day increase the amount of exercise - up to 200.

Engineering 3. In this case, to perform the exercises of the first and second equipment without lubrication.

Technique 4. Is essentially technique 1, but performed the exercise very slowly. After applying the lube, grab your penis with your fingers at the base and slowly begin to do exercises to the head. Head swell and fill with blood. Fix this position for ten seconds. Duration of exercise - ten minutes.

All the exercises according to the method of actions are considered to be lengthening and thickening. They are held either by hand or mechanical appliances or goods.