People's methods and ways to increase male organ

If you are on this page means you are interested in this delicate subject. Little in the world there are men who are fully satisfied with the size of their genitals.

Social polls say that nearly 80% of men think about increase their manhood. But, not everyone is willing to experience radical methods to help in this matter. And that's why traditional ways are increasingly in demand.

What penis enlargement methods

how to increase the member

In medicine, there are technologies such as plastic surgery, organ are special matrix or capsule, the same hormones. These methods have side effects, the consequence of which can be amputation of the penis.

Among folk remedies the most popular are herbal medicine, gels and creams and special devices. Of course the speed of efficiency they are inferior, but for a couple of weeks, if not lazy, you can achieve a positive result. If this problem is approached comprehensively, the effect will be faster and long-term.

Special exercises to increase the size and potency

To increase male organ with the help of self-massage. Special exercises will not only add volume and length, but also to reduce the sensitivity of the head, to improve erection. This will give the opportunity to deliver the maximum pleasure to the partner.

Popular exercise is the technique of milking. Before exercise need little preparation. Need to warm up the groin area for better blood flow. Take a bath, shower or visit a sauna, if you for some reason unavailable, use a hot towel. Water should not be hot, slightly above room. Then the area rubbed with a dry towel.

Conveniently sit on hands, apply a special gel or cream and begin the massage. Fingers, forming a ring, grasp the shaft of the penis and just keep squeezing his hand to his head. The goal is to apply to the head for enhanced blood flow and stretching the corpora cavernosa. This exercise is to continue for 10-15 minutes.

The following exercise is a pulling back of the head. The shaft of the penis is clamped with one hand and grasp the head. Pull the head to the side, to easy note, easy pain. Feeling the pain, end the delay and hold this position for 5 minutes. At the end of those procedures 10 times to shrink but not painfully, your body.

Massage can be supplemented with special devices. Massage, tools, gels and creams are able to increase your body 2-3 inches, in the regular classroom within a month.

Herbal medicine

The next level of popularity are teas and herbs will insist.

The most effective plants in this area are ginseng, thyme and hawthorn.

Herbs can be purchased in a drugstore the recipe written on the packaging. But of course drink the broth regularly, morning and evening.

If you need a faster effect, try an infusion of wild oats. You can buy also in the pharmacy and the instructions provided. It adds a couple inches and increase the potency, by decreasing the sensitivity of the head. Making you stronger in intimacy.

The gifts of nature as a way of penis enlargement

The most effective result gives a technique for increasing blood flow. Include in your menu special products, you will be able to increase the synthesis of sex hormones that affect the increase of the penis.

The most common and well known herbs. Green onions, dill, parsley, cilantro and celery will make you ready for sex at any moment.

A few drops of tincture of garlic, you can buy at the pharmacy enhance your erection and immunity.

Walnut — honey cocktail, the most delicious method. Honey and chopped walnuts are mixed in equal proportions. Take one tablespoon three times a day.

To complement your course and solve the problem, thereby helping yourself, you can abandoning harmful habits.