How to make dick bigger through massage

Penis stretch literally impossible. The purpose of the exercise – giving body, elasticity and increases volume of blood which flows at the time of erection determines the body weight.

Before the training necessary to "warm up" member. The stomach apply a compress soaked in hot water and then wrap the penis and keep for 3-5 minutes.

Exercises for penis enlargement is the power load. Warming up is necessary for the preparation of a member and increase the flow of blood.


Pulling power

penis enlargement.

Holding the cock head, pulling it in an outward and lock in the extended position for 5 seconds. Then pull it to the right for five seconds. Pull until a light pain. Thus discomfort should arise.Then do the same to the left side, down and up.

This exercise helps to stretch the corpora cavernosa in the thickness of the penis and increase its length. During these manipulations must be a member in a soft and relaxed state. To capture head, the foreskin need to pull the base to the end. To be done sitting on the edge of the sofa.

Stretching circular

Dick head pull forward and hold for 5 seconds then pull up. Continuing the pulling, slowly turn it counterclockwise until the adoption of the original provision. The circle should be completed in 5 seconds.Repeat the exercise 25 times.

After every second turn you need a little shake the penis and massage to normalize the blood flow. This exercise stretches the cartilaginous apophysis at the base of the penis and increases its length.

Stretch sitting

Is at 30-40% erection. Member pulled to the side of the buttocks and slowly sit on it. In this way increase the pressure on the corpora cavernosa inside. You can achieve increase not only the length but also the thickness of the body.


Exercise is a limp dick. The crown to seize in the ring of thumb and index finger. Maximum stretch myself and hold 5-7 seconds. At the same time to put pressure on the base member with the thumb of the second hand and hold it up to the head and back. Repeat 10 times.

It is important that the grips were tight, only then the effect will be maximum. If during exercise, the pain appears, it is necessary to compress the glans, pushing the blood out of it. After this exercise to continue.


For exercise to use a lubricant. The penis in erection as easy to grab with your fingers at the base. To make a motion to the head and back, gradually increasing the speed. After appearance of a full erection and wrap it around the member with one hand near the head, and the other hand at the base.

Thereby keeping blood in the thickness of the penis several times to stretch it, holding in the maximum extended position for 10 seconds. It is important not to overdo it and not to stretch the skin or ligaments.


Able 100% erection to stand up, spread her legs wide apart. To make Mahi penis in vertical and horizontal direction, while straining muscles of the perineum.

Technique Kegel

By itself, this technique does not increase the penis, but helps to improve the quality of sexual life. Based on the development of the PC muscle (pubococcygeal muscle). This muscle controls urination and is responsible for getting orgasm. In order to find it, it is enough to interrupt in the middle of the act of urination.

Such interrupts to perform five times during every trip to the toilet. This skill is defined as "the voltage of the anus" and subsequently helps to control ejaculation and to prolong erection.

Suspension of goods

Exercise popular, but ineffective. The penis is not a muscle, inflate it will fail. Suspension goods only stretches the skin and damages blood vessels. The possible increase in length occurs due to the reduced thickness.

Jelcing(from Arabic "milking")

Distinguish between classical technique and hold.

Classic jelcing is carried out at 60-80% erection. At 100% erection can injure the superficial blood vessels. Member clamp at the base of the thumb and forefinger and slowly pull forward. 3 seconds to reach the head. The grip should be such as to prevent outflow of blood.

When he reached the head, without stopping, the same manipulation to do with the other hand. Stretching must be continuous. Repeat for 5 minutes. Compression should not cause discomfort. When you approach ejaculation, you can pause.

how to increase the member

Jelcing retention differs from the classical fact that when the heads need to stop and hold the member with fingers for 10 seconds.

Side effects

Such exercises for penis enlargement have consequences. Most of them are alone for a few days.

Darkening of the penis

In some places on the penis there was a small darkening, or the entire member has acquired a bronze shade. This side effect can manifest after months of training. Its intensity depends on the individual predisposition to the appearance of bruises on the body.

Protruding veins

As a result of the exercises blood vessels can grow and become more visible.


Usually appear on the head. The spots are often red and resemble a needle mark. But in rare cases they can be darker and more. It is a signal to reduce the intensity of your workouts.

The completion of exercises

Massage and heat will help to improve training results.

Warming up will allow you to relax and calm down after exercising. You must also do the dick massage in a circular motion. For this you can use any moisturizing herbal cream. Massage to restore circulation.

Then apply a warm compress or lower the member into the container with warm water for a while. To dry the penis with a towel.

In addition to the exercises is recommended to use products to help you achieve the desired result.