To increase the manhood at home!

Young people today often think about the size of his manhood. It becomes, if not complex, then the whole problem spoiling life. Is it possible to change the size of the penis at home? Learn about it from the article.

The reasons for the increase of the penis

how to increase the member

The reasons lie in childhood, where did the stereotype that girls like guys with big cocks and satisfy them only with great dignity. Most guys don't realize that there is no ideal size of manhood. Long known that modern women often do not need a huge body to get orgasm. However, men are unwavering in their desire to improve the gun below the belt.

In the world there is a classification of members by size. Less than eight centimeters are lucky enough to have only one percent of people. From eight to twelve inches — two percent of people (considered a small penis). Twelve of the sentiments above — this is a standard penis, the owners of which were fifty percent of the world's population. Fifteen centimeters is the member of more than average size; and from twenty inches is a huge members in the world.

How to measure the length of your penis?

Women think a large penis can injure the mucosa and vaginal wall. Most guys incorrectly measure the length of the member, as it requires an erection at the time of measurement, the room temperature of indoor air, measurements strictly according to the back member, the measurement is not hard with a ruler, hold it at an angle of ninety degrees. Remember that to measure member needs in three points: the root, the neck and middle. Next, three values need to be folded, to thus calculate volume.

How to enlarge your penis through exercises?

In all ages the representatives of a strong half of mankind tried to extend its members to hit the beautiful ladies. Modern men are much more fortunate, because scientists developed a set of exercises to increase manhood. To carefully and gently "to cultivate" manhood in the home, apply a special set of events.

Method # 1

Pick up a pouch of soft fabric, slightly heat it, pour the grits into it. Alternately apply the bag to all sides of the penis. As tightly as possible clasp your fingers penis at the root, gently swipe motion simulating the pulling. At the same time avoid to touch the head, repeat twenty times. You need to make two hundred and translational motions. If a member reached the erection, stop the exercise and continue again after fading erection.

Method # 2

Enjoy a self-massage. It is a simple procedure, consisting in the fact that the member is covered by the palm of your hand and ten seconds is clamped. You can use both hands. To compress the penis should be firmly, alternately pulling him in different directions. Do this for thirty days and your penis will grow two to three centimeters.

Old technology jelqing

To enlarge penis at home with movements reminiscent of milking. To increase the penis it is better to use a special cream, but do not use ordinary soap and other detergents. It's dangerous! So, you should bring the penis to a weak erection, to prepare it for the workout, warmed briefly Shrouding cloth that has been lightly oiled on all sides, then merge the fingers in the ring, take hold of the penis close to the scrotum. Next, gently pull the member downward until it drops the skin on his head. Second hand repeat the procedure. Just make three approaches for five seconds each.

How to increase a member through extender

This device helps to hold the technology of jelqing a semi-automatic way.Your penis will increase in length and volume. The extender must be securely fixed on the body, then to wear and not to take two or three hours at least. Available vacuum, buttonhole, belt, combination, curved shape. They hold the glans penis in different ways, because the find them to be individually.

How to enlarge penis with weights?

The effect is achieved as a result of strong impact on the particular body member, the right kind of weight. First, you must massage the penis for a few minutes, then stick on his head the cord on the band-aid. Weights must be attached to the drawstring. Hold the weight for twelve to fifteen minutes a day during the week.

Penis enlargement with a pump and soda

penis enlargement.

Vacuum pump is sold in pharmacies and works on the principle of injection pressure on the penis, placed in the apparatus. The blood ceases to flow in the particular body because the volumes are growing and it is increasing. Before using this method is best to consult a doctor.

Proper diet to increase penis

Representatives of a strong half of mankind need to eat the right foods to help their members grow. Seafood, parsley, fish red varieties

pineapple, red meats. Don't forget about vitamin complexes with zinc, avoid stress, give up harmful habits. Prostate massage will also benefit.

Remember that the best way to perfect potency — loving woman!