Surgery to increase penis

Most men who dream to increase their "dignity", and rarely think about the fundamental ways to solve the problem. Knowing, even approximately, how is the operation to increase member, not many decide to take such a responsible step. Unlike women, plastic surgery scares the strong half of humanity, but there are cases where no medical intervention was required.

surgery to increase the member

Methods for penis enlargement

Surgery on the penis is carried out in several ways:

  • Surgical. It can be used to enlarge the penis by 2-4 cm during the operation, removed bundles, and the inner part is pulled out. Together with the lengthening can be thickening. Thus subcutaneously injected liquid filler.
  • Method. The heated salt is placed in a fabric pouch and attached to the member. Further, it is desirable to cause an erection and treating sexual on lubricant. Then carried out 40-50 of the stretching member. Gradually the number of stretch marks increase. Blood circulation of the body improves, the cavernous folds stretched and the penis will become slightly longer.
  • Massage. It is recommended three times a week, tightly clasp member and to pull a little. After a few months of hard massage penis size will increase by 2-3 cm.
  • The pulling member extender. Hanging to the head of the device acts on the penis by stretching and stimulating the growth of tissues. This method gives a positive result, but requires a long period of wear. It is available for the majority of men who want to increase the size of the "dignity", and in the absence of urological problem they can take advantage of anyone.
  • If a man scares the augmentation of the penis, he may appeal to the medical center, where he will make the extrusion by means of a vacuum pump. This method allows not only to extrude the genital organ, but also to make it more elastic. If the money for the clinic, you can purchase a pump and do the pump penis at home. The action of the pump is in a vacuum created by the pump. Due to the stretching increases blood circulation in the penis and increases its thickness. The systematic application of the quality of erection is improved. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to carry out the procedure twice a day. There are a number of contraindications to the use of vacuum for men, one of which is poor circulation.
  • There are ointments, creams, lubricants and gels working for penis growth without surgery. Experts are skeptical about it, as patented and clinically tested medicines that have a similar effect, does not exist.

If the problem is sex, and the man wants to bring a woman more pleasure, increase penis size, you can use a special silicone attachments, which are sold in sex shops.

Indications for surgery

"In one village the average penis size is 14 cm and the other 25 see Why such a difference? Because at the first village, was measured with a ruler, and the second conducted a survey". This joke may seem funny to the man, if he has these "14 cm" and problems with potency and sex life does not occur. The augmentation of the penis is sometimes not just a whim because of the uncertainty of the person in itself, but an acute necessity. Surgical intervention in such cases:

  • violation of blood circulation in the male member due to vascular pathologies. As a result, the body is deformed, reduced or lost potency;
  • congenital malformations, curvature, hypoplasia of the penis;
  • mechanical damage, injury;
  • age-related changes associated with the gradual degeneration of the structures and tissues of the penis;
  • the increase in cartilaginous tissue or corpus cavernosum of the member;
  • surgery on nearby organs (eg, rectum, bladder or prostate cancer);
  • the penis length less than 12 cm in the excited state;
  • surgery for sex change.
the penis enlargement surgery

Thanks to current technology it is possible to reduce, to condense, lengthen and straighten the reproductive organ.

Experts believe that the body size a little smaller than average, it is possible not to worry and not to dwell on some aesthetic defects. How necessary is plastic surgery for penis enlargement, the doctor will decide, based on the complaints of the patient and many other parameters. If the sexual organ is functioning properly, then the direct indications for intervention no.

Preparing for surgery

Deciding on penis enlargement by surgery, the man is recorded on a consultation in the selected clinic. Next, it examines a specialist and tells about all the intricacies of the event.

In some clinics patients show a video which recorded the whole course of the procedure and is clearly shown how the augmentation of the penis. For the ordinary and untrained person it looks pretty scary. And given the long rehabilitation period and painful, the future is not in the best colors. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex, deciding on the surgery of the penis, can see exactly what awaits them and possibly change the decision.

Plastic surgery for penis enlargement is only possible after a complete examination, and the exclusion of a number of contraindications. Doctor must refer the patient for a blood test to find out:

  • group and RH factor;
  • time convolution of the blood;
  • screening for infections, including HIV and viral hepatitis;
  • in addition, the patient undergoes an electrocardiogram.

Most operations are performed under General anesthesia, it is important to consult an anesthesiologist. In "the day" it is prohibited to drink water and eat some food.

What happens during surgery

The first and most burning question, which asked patients: how much more will become a member after surgery. Another equally exciting question is how it will become thicker. The magnitude and width of the organ after the procedure depends on what operation was performed.

Special plastic is usually performed in two ways:

  1. The elongation of the body.
  2. Thickening member in volume.

Sometimes the operation is performed comprehensively, increasing and reducing the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement

Surgery is virtually painless and the most common method that has many advantages and a minimum of contraindications. Usually it is well tolerated and does not cause complications. Thanks to everyone who wants to increase their genital organ male can use this method.

Before the procedure, the specialist should tell a patient how the surgery to penis enlargement and what to expect.

  • the patient receives an anesthetic;
  • surgically through a small access in the scrotum, the supporting ligament of the penis is dissected. She goes deep into the pelvis and attaches to the bones;
  • after the restraint of the ligaments, the inner part of the male member (which is from 2 to 5 cm) pull extender is a special device. Thus, visually the member becomes greater than 3-5 cm;
  • surgery for penis enlargement lasts no more than 15 minutes.

The rehabilitation period includes bed rest, the patient was able to recover and not have any unwanted effects. After discharge, you must:

  • periodically visit andrologist;
  • to take prescribed antibiotics and painkillers;
  • hygiene of the penis;
  • do not wear tight underwear;
  • avoid heavy physical exertion;
  • to use the extender 3-6 months.

Full recovery happens within six months. Dissected ligament prevents back inner part of the back member. Observing all the prescriptions, the patient will be pleased with the result.

Contraindications include:

  • decompensated comorbidities;
  • violations of system of blood clotting;
  • genitourinary infection.

To increase a member through surgery can not face up to 18 years.

Terrible scars and cuts on the body remains. Experts claim that the operation of lengthening of a member does not affect blood vessels, muscles and ligaments, does not affect the potency and cause erectile problems in the future.

In some cases, the patient is recommended to wear the extender for six months, until the end of the postoperative period. This will improve the result, and consolidate the effect of surgical lengthening of the penis.

the penis enlargement by surgery

Will have to start with 2 hours, gradually increasing the wearing time of the device to 6-8 hours a day. Painful sensations should arise. Periodically it is necessary to look to the foreskin not pushed the strap of the device. If the right to use the extender, the penis will experience stretch.

Stretch member is 5 mm in 10 days. The final result, the man will be able to enjoy only after 6 months of regular wear. The "hard-won inches" will remain for life.

Thickening of the penis

Experts claim that surgery to increase male penis is mainly carried out for the elongation of the organ, rare for thickening. To make a member of the "body" in two ways:

  1. Fat grafting – material for "injection" under the skin of the penis is taken from a patient from subcutaneous fat folds. After manipulating the body becomes thicker at 1-1,5 cm the Doctors can perform the surgery for penis enlargement in the volume injected under the skin of synthetic substance (gel or filler). But there is a high risk of complications. The new settings in 2-3 years will have to restore again, as they have a reversible effect.
  2. More significant resulting in a microsurgical muscle transplantation. This is quite a complex procedure to get 3-4 extra inches. From the abdominal cavity is taken flap of muscular tissue that wraps the penis. The patient will be under anesthesia for about 3 hours and recover for several months. The results of muscle transplantation remain for life and not have the opposite effect.

Surgical increase of a member in such a manner requires a long recovery. Before you rejoice the cherished volumes, the man has to refrain from intimacy for at least a month and limit physical activity. In the next six months can cause problems with erection. If this happens, doctors recommend to drink a special course of drugs that increase the potency.

General contraindications to these procedures include:

  • pathology of diseases of the internal organs;
  • of vascular disease and poor circulation;
  • infectious diseases;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • the clotting of blood.


If in addition to the small member men have serious problems with potency, doctors recommend that the prosthesis (or implant prosthesis). Advance should not be afraid. If you look at the pictures after a successful operation, we can see that the ' new ' penis is no different from the present, and no woman will not notice the difference.

This is a very serious and complicated procedure. In this case the sexual organ is almost taken apart, so the rehabilitation period will be quite long.

How much is the surgery penis enlargement this way depends on the quality of prosthesis clinic, qualification and experience of the doctor. The average implant costs around 6 thousand dollars, and about 200 thousand rubles. Dentures are:

  • One-component plastic in the form of a silicone cylinder on a wire basis. Install it without any complications, the Only disadvantage is the hardness of the penis is constant. For sex just enough to lift it.
  • Two and three-component inflatable prosthesis. Consists of a plastic cylinder with the body instead of the cavernous bodies. the Implant is equipped with a pump installed in the scrotum. To provide an erection quite a few times to press the scrotum. After intercourse, the penis is bent by pressing the pump.

Resort to special surgical enlargement of the penis only in extreme cases when other methods do not help. Common indications include:

  • asthma pathology, including atherosclerosis of the blood vessels;
  • cavernous fibrosis;
  • syndrome Peyronie;
  • post-traumatic deformity that caused erectile dysfunction.

Previously the patient has to undergo:

  • Ultrasound of the penis;
  • tests the blood;
  • undergo angiography of the pelvic vessels;
  • to visit an urologist-andrologist.

The benefits of plastic correction

Plastic modern medicine marches forward, never ceasing to surprise customers. Plastic surgery for penis enlargement has long become a commonplace and no surprise. If nature is not given to enjoy large size – all scalpel can fix. The reasons for going to plastic surgeons can be such:

penis enlargement.
  • the absence of effect of pills and wonder drugs that increase sexual organ. In addition, they can have a negative impact on erection and on the General condition of the body;
  • vacuum devices resorted to by many men at home cause pain and do not always give a positive result;
  • if trust specialist, it can be no health complications to change the volume and length of "dignity," to contribute to the improvement of tissue elasticity, fix various defects, including scars, scars, burns.

Plastic surgery to increase penis performed by experienced surgeons, who will observe the patient's entire postoperative period. People will be able to recover, undergo a series of diagnostic and rehabilitation procedures. So his health will be in safety.