Methods of increasing the thickness of the member

The increase in the thickness of the member is the research area of aesthetic surgery, section of urology and andrology. Many men are unhappy with the size and thickness of your own phallus. Such throwing of the norm and pathology is more characteristic of young people with high sexual activity. Today, there are many methods of correction of volume, so everyone can choose a suitable optimum.

Medication increase the thickness of the member

penis enlargement.

Not every man is ready to go under a surgical scalpel. The lack of volume of the penis is a very personal problem, so to get rid of it at first, try manual therapy. Realizing that massages require skill and waiting for the results last for months, men start looking for the perfect way to pharmacy chains. The pharmaceutical industry offers its patients various forms of production of drugs: ointment and creams, sprays, pills. The most popular are local funds for the application.

Ointments and creams for increase in a member

To increase the length of the phallus some gels will fail, but enhance erectile function, enhance blood flow to the organ and increase the volume of the body is quite real. Indications for the use of ointments or creams are:

  • the lack of girth of the penis;
  • short-term erections;
  • early ejaculation;
  • the low threshold sensitivity of the phallus.

The therapeutic compositions of modern drugs able to solve a number of problems with the appearance of the penis and sexual disorders. However, it should be remembered that the reason such violations can be more serious disease, so the effect of the use will be temporary in nature.

Pills to enhance thick phallus

Tablets and capsules for oral administration are recommended for men only on the background of absolute health. The clinical history of diseases of the internal organs or the system, the use of oral drugs is strictly prohibited. There are two groups of tablets drugs:

  • with hormonal components;
  • without hormonal components.

First stimulate secretion of testosterone in the blood, but they have many contraindications and negative effects. The second comprise vitamins or dietary Supplements.

The advantages of using tablets

The increasing thickness of penis pills is expressed by the following results:

  • the stimulation of blood circulation;
  • increase in the girth of the phallus;
  • duration of erection;
  • strengthening of the sexual glands;
  • persistent sexual endurance.

Some manufacturers noted an increased therapeutic effect subject to the special exercise, diet, lifestyle. Should adhere to all the recommendations in this instructions for use.

Before applying any medications should consult with a specialist. Some medications have a prescription vacation from drugstore chains to prevent uncontrolled taking drugs.

Vitamins and dietary Supplements to increase the thickness of the member

The main advantage of herbal medicinal products is the availability and harmlessness. Vitamin complexes and supplements can be used for patients of all ages. Drugs to enlarge the penis help maintain the erection quality and the stability in sexual life and stamina during sexual intercourse.

Useful vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for stimulation of the regenerative abilities of epithelial tissues to recovery and growth. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the immune system, to improve the synthesis of male sexual secret, to ensure the normal operation of the muscular structures, prevent the formation of thrombosis. Dispensed from pharmacies in the form of capsules yellow color.

Surgical correction

To choose a radical method of correction of the size and volume of the penis makes men with anatomically pathological member. For surgery important essential readings, characterised by a long recovery period, the possibility of intraoperative complications. There are two groups of methods of correction:

  • increasing the length;
  • the increase in the thickness of the penis.

Increasingly used for minimally invasive injection methods of correction devices. The surgical correction involves a stable result. The introduction of fillers require frequent repetition. In addition, risks reducing the sensitivity of the penis.

surgery to increase the member

The lack of volume of the penis — a real problem for many men. If necessary, correction should be carefully approach the choice of hospital, specialist and use any medication. The increase in the thickness of the member is a complex task in many areas of medicine. When emotional instability, stress, inferiority complex, it is important to put in order the mental health of men and strengthen his mind.