Penis enlargement: does it work?

Every boy and every man at least once in my life heard of pumps, pills, exercises or operations that can make the penis longer or thicker. Question, why do you penis a few inches longer remains rhetorical. Most men would not refuse this, if they had the opportunity.

how to increase the member

The pursuit of large size penis has been in a century. Crazy attempts to ensure the existing demand and take guys close to medicine, although in fact of the options that can solve this problem, not too much: pills, creams, hard and brutal stretching exercises, horrific looking devices like a vacuum pump, surgery.

Almost none of these options work, although there are those that provide the result, however, in this case it is possible to "load" and side effects. What? For example, erectile dysfunction, and, in common language, impotence. Are you willing to risk?

If doctors knew how to safely and effectively increase penis size, it has knowledge it would have become billionaires, so high demand. However, the number of billionaires among physicians is not increasing. But all these arguments and common sense still does not stop obsessed guys, ready to risk a vital part of his anatomy for a few centimeters in length or in width.

How your penis is small?

You are sure that your penis is smaller than average size? Probably 100% certainty you have in this. Not least because you don't know what doctors around the world today are considered the standard size of penis in erection length in 13 see in fact, is the norm. Yes, there are some cases where genetics or problems caused by hormonal disruptions, provoke a condition called "micro penis." In this case, the male "tool" in the excited state does not exceed a length of 5-8 cm, Sometimes the size of the penis is reduced as a result of Peyronie's disease or surgery, caused by cancer of the prostate.

Studies show that most men have a penis size that is close to standard. They just thinkthat they have below average. Why? Though, because it is very difficult to estimate the size of their own body, looking down on him. Too bad viewing angle.

In the formation of the stereotype of the "little member" also plays the role of psychology. Some men are just obsessed with the idea that their "buddy" is too small. Such distorted perception is similar to how patients perceive themselves anorexic: they continue to think of yourself that "fat", even when in poor condition.

There is evidence that most men resort to a surgical operation aimed at penis enlargement, have this psychological condition. According to the same data, these men remained the least satisfied with the results of the operation.

Penis enlargement. What works?

Oddly enough, one safe and effective method of penis enlargement still exists. It's called weight loss. A lot of people who think they have small penis actually overweight. Weight loss can extract the light from under the layer of fat "buried" in the penis. In fact penis size does not increase, but visually it will look exactly. However, even this safe method has some risks: if you do not change your eating habits, your penis will after some time again immersed in the fat, like Atlantis into the sea.

Penis enlargement: pills, creams, devices

  • Vacuum pump. Is a cylinder that sucks air. Inside the pump, which includes the penis, creating pressure which causes blood to come to this body. Then the penis is clamped tight circle, resembling a harness, to avoid leakage of blood back. Vacuum pump has some disadvantages: the effect from its application lasts as long as the penis has a ring. To use the vacuum pump can be from 20 to 30 minutes, otherwise you risk damaging the fabric. Sometimes the device is used to treat erectile dysfunction, but there is no direct evidence that it can actually increase penis size.
  • Stretching exercises (with weight). It is unlikely that you will get if you will perform stretching exercises. The penis is not a muscle. Special cargo (weight) can actually slightly stretch your penis when it is in a calm state. The catch is that you have to go with tied to the penis weight approximately 8 hours a day for six months. In the end, if you're lucky enough, maybe your penis will grow 2-3 inches in length. Whether to add those 2-3 inches to the penis in erection – the big question. The risks of this method lies in the fact that by weight it is possible to tear tissues or blood vessels and other problems.
  • Pills, supplements, ointments, creams. They work, the consensus among physicians no. You can take and try themselves. Maybe will be no effect, maybe you really will appreciate the result. Hardly anyone is able to give a 100% guarantee that such methods work.

Surgical penis enlargement methods

penis enlargement.

There are two main types of operations penis enlargement.

  • Lengthening of the penis. The most common way is to cut the ligaments that connect the penis and the pelvic bone. This allows you to make visible some part of the penis that was previously inside. Strictly speaking, this method is not in full view of the penis enlargement.
  • Extension of the penis. For men who think their penis is too thin, treatments associated with implantation of silicone or other materials, but no one has reliable data about the safety of this procedure.

Risks of surgical methods of penis enlargement

Before you decide to unbutton the pants, once in the surgeon's office, think about the risks. Be aware that any large and serious medical organization does not approve of such operations, if there are no very serious reasons, related to health. Openly talking to your doctor if you have thoughts about the surgical method of penis enlargement.

Think about numerous side effects such as infection, nerve damage, reduced sensitivity, and difficulty with erections. Any of them can wait for you after the surgery to penis enlargement. Operations to expand the penis may be even more controversial. As a result, side effects can get lumpy, bumpy and unattractive penis.

Change the attitude towards penis enlargement

If penis enlargement is the idea that you are really obsessed, try to stop and think, whether there is in fact a real need? The conversation with the surgeon or therapist also can help greatly. Studies show that when a doctor honestly reassures a man that his penis is medium size, then surgical options can change the current situation is gradually eroding. You also need to be critical of the is "miracle" extension of the penis. Anyway, you should consider whether it is good to have too much "dignity"?

Too big a penis can become a big problem, warn doctors. You may have problems in vaginal, oral sex, if the body be too big for the partner (in this case the partner). Doctors also remind us that size doesn't really matter, unlike how you use the bedroom not only your penis but the tongue, mouth, hands and brain. That's what really matters!