Vacuum pump for penis enlargement: description, types, reviews

Perusing the "adult" movie, and men and women pay attention to the impressive size of the penis of the hero-lover.

It becomes quite clear desire of the majority of men have a penis larger than given by nature.

Varieties of vacuum pumps

how to increase the member

To enlarge his manhood, a man may use one of the types of vacuum pumps. Pumps are automatic, manual and hydro pump (water). They differ among themselves not only design but also ease of use.

The most inexpensive and easy to use – hand pump. To drain them from the air with a rubber bulb. Practice shows that in order to achieve the desired vacuum, the man needs to work hard with his hands.

Pump with electric motor pumping air automatically, so they are called "automatic pump". Built-in pressure gauge helps to monitor the level of dilution air. But during operation there is a high probability to injure the body.

The most innovative method of penis enlargement – hydro-pump. As the name implies, instead of air, this pump water. Hydro pump consists of a bulb with cuff and pump.

Judging by the reviews, the effect of the use of hydro-pump is better than using other devices.

The manual

As mentioned above, the pump has the shape of a flask with a pear. The flask should be placed penis and evacuate all the air. As a result, the penis is under strong pressure.

When using a vacuum pump the blood to the penis flows stronger than normal excitation. This means that the penis will swell up greatly and will increase slightly in length. It can fill the entire space of the flask.

The penis needs to be in this state for 1-2 minutes. After that you should let air into the flask, the erection will finish and the body comes to its normal state. To achieve the desired result, you should repeat the exercise 20-30 times.


The extender applies to medical devices and consists of telescopic devices, which are adjustable in length, and mechanism for fixation.

In medicine, the extender is used for a long time. But, if you compare it with a vacuum pump, you'll find it the following disadvantages:

  • to use the device can not exceed 5 months;
  • to achieve a visible result, the extender should be worn for 6-8 hours every day;
  • if you use often occurs discomfort.

Hydro pump

As has been said, most men prefer it to hydro pump. Use the pump effectively and safely.

User testimonials confirm that the device actually enlarges the penis. The positive properties of the hydraulic pump include:

  • the complete absence of painful sensations during use;
  • the age of the man does not matter;
  • there is no adverse effects;
  • can be used as a preventive measure against male diseases such as impotence;
  • the perfect combination of quality and price.

Hydro pump should be used, strictly observing the instructions. The procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week. It's better if you do it while taking a bath: this will allow you to relax and get maximum pleasure.

Fill the cylinder with warm water, put it over the penis and secure. Next you need to press on the spring until, until you see an erection. The procedure lasts for 30 minutes, then the device should be removed.

Be sure before you use the device, inspect the penis. It should not be scratches, ulcers, minor wounds. The skin on the penis must be healthy: it will help to avoid injuries.

Vacuum pump with their hands

pump for penis enlargement

If you are not able to purchase this device, the vacuum pump can be fairly easily done by hand. But how to build a homemade pump for penis enlargement?

Information about this can be found online on special sites. Just type in search engine "vacuum pump for penis enlargement with your hands" or "making a vacuum pump at home".

Adding to these requests, the word "video", you can not only read, but also to see how to make a vacuum pump by yourself.

First, you need a flask. It will fit a penis, so treat this choice of bulb very seriously. It should be smooth without sharp corners to avoid damaging the delicate skin. The member needs to fit into it perfectly.

As one of the possible empty part of the syringe for the injections (of course, the syringe should be very large). The bottle in this case is not suitable, because glass is very fragile and may shatter: shards could injure the penis. And the size it will be difficult to choose the right bottle.

Secondly, you need a gasket for the vacuum, that is the pump. With its help you can create a pump in the thin air. This detail can be taken from unnecessary household electric pump.

Thirdly, you will need a pen. It can help to increase or decrease the air supply to the pump. For handle good pear from the tonometer.

Of course, the appearance of the pump, made independently, will be very different from factory products, which are sold in the online store.

Vacuum pump for the penis to do it yourself is quite simple:

  1. Take your chosen flask (and you can take the spray from under the aerosol of suitable size). Remove all the air.
  2. Make at the end of the bulb a small hole and insert a tube of dense material. The tube should be well adhere to the walls of the flask. This is the valve pump.
  3. Close the edges of the bulb socket from fabric, paper or soft plastic so as not to hurt the member when introducing it into the flask. With cuff pump will be more convenient to use.
  4. For binding all parts of the device use a sealant. Please note: the thickness of the adhesive layer should be the same everywhere.
  5. The pump should not be used immediately. Sealer needs to fully harden, and this will take a few days. Make sure that the fixture is not exposed to water. When all these conditions to get a durable vacuum pump, and it can be shared.

To the pump that you buy the enclosed manual.

Of course, a homemade device like this there's no instructions, but you will always be able to read information about how to use a vacuum pump for penis enlargement, but also to see the video with this request online.

Based on this information, you can make up its own rules of operation of this device, which will follow in the future.